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Overview PetSafe Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 PRO-Grade ManualProduct Manual
Most regular dog fence systems are too big and too powerful for dogs under 15 lbs., but that is this unique dog fence's specialty. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog PRO-Grade Fence System features lowered correction levels and the smallest, lightest receiver collar in the industry. At just 2 ounces the collar is perfectly comfortable for dogs right down to the toy breed sizes. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog PRO-Grade system is ideal for multi-dog households where the dogs are of differing sizes because the system is compatible with other PetSafe fence collars for bigger dogs. Our PRO-Grade system upgrades your wire, surge protection, and warranty to make sure you get the most from your system.

Kit Includes
  • PRO-Grade 14-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade 16-Gauge Twisted Wire (50 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade Surge Protection Module
  • PRO-Grade Dog Fence Staples (10)
  • PetSafe 25 Acre Transmitter
  • Elite Little Dog Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 50 Training Boundary Flags
  • Standard Receiver Contacts
  • Collar Battery (RFA-188)
  • Test Light Tool/Contact Wrench
  • Installation/Training Manual

Collar Features

Smallest Collar: 
Weighing just 2 ounces, the Elite Little Dog receiver collar is the smallest, lightest collar available. Designed specifically for small dogs, this is about the only collar suitable for dogs as small as 5 lbs. 

Compatible With Indoor Pet Barrier: The PetSafe Elite Little Dog collar is compatible with PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence (PIRF-100), so you can easily keep your dog off certain furniture or out of specific areas of the house. 

Individual Correction Levels: The correction level control is on the PetSafe Elite Little Dog collar itself, so each collar on the system can have it's own correction level setting. This makes the Elite Little Dog perfect for multi-dog homes where dogs are of varying sizes. 

Only Standard Contact Points: The Elite Little Dog comes with standard length contact points. Standard length contacts are fine for dogs with average and short coat lengths, but if your dog has long or thick hair you'll likely need the longer contact points, which are available for purchase separately. 

Proprietary Battery: This small collar has a lot of perks, but it doesn't feature a rechargeable battery. Instead the collar has a proprietary PetSafe battery. The battery lasts about 100 days. 

Transmitter Features

Compatible With Other PetSafe Collars: One of the nicest features of the PetSafe systems is the compatibility that makes them suitable for households with dogs of different sizes. You can install this PetSafe Elite Little Dog PRO-Grade system using the included receiver collar for your small breed and add a PetSafe Deluxe Receiver Collar or PetSafe Stubborn Collar for your medium or large breed. Since the correction levels are controlled individually you can personalize the correction strength for each dog.

25 Acre Capacity: The Elite Little Dog PRO-GRade system is capable of powering up to 25 acres of containment area. In this upgraded kit we include 500 ft. of pro-grade, heavy duty 14-gauge dog fence wire and 50 ft. of pro-grade twisted wire to get you going. The included upgraded wire is enough for about a 1/3 acre installation.

Adjustable Boundary Zone Width: The width of the boundary zone is generally set at 3-5 ft for most installations but the Elite Little Dog system does allow the user to choose the boundary width. You can set the boundary at anything from a few inches to 10 ft. depending on your dog's likelihood to try to run through and the amount of space you have to play with inside the boundary line.

PRO-Grade Upgrades


1000 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire: Our Pro-Grade Kits include upgraded 14-gauge PRO-Grade wire. This heavy duty, polyelethene plastic coated wire is what would come with a professionally installed system like Invisible Fence®. Upgrading to thicker, more durable wire helps prevent costly and time-consuming wire breaks. 

50 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Twisted Wire: Although you could use two double long strands of wire to make your own twisted wire, this gets pretty messy and difficult if you need any decent length of it. Our PRO-Grade DIY dog fence kits save you the hassle by including 50 ft. of heavy duty pro-grade twisted neutral dog fence wire. 

10 Heavy Duty Ground Staples: Ground staples are perfect for laying out your dog fence wire or for installations that run through terrain where burying the wire is difficult or impossible. Our heavy duty ground staples are guaranteed to keep your dog fence wire in place.


External Surge Protection: External surge protection is the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Rather than let a rogue power surge blow your transmitter, simply plug in our heavy duty PRO-Grade surge protection module. This surge protector keeps your dog fence safe from lightening strikes and main power surges.  






  • For Dogs 5 - 50 lbs. 
  • Smallest, Lightest Available Collar
  • Lowered Correction Levels For Small Dogs
  • Compatible With PetSafe Indoor Pet Barriers
  • Includes Surge Protection
  • Add Unlimited Pets (with additional PetSafe collars)

  • Collar Receiver Box: 1.0" x 2.4" x 1.25", 2.7 oz
  • Collar Strap: Fits: 6"- 16" neck sizes

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Customer Reviews (35)
Works great. Nice small collar and lots of coverage. No complaints
Flexpetz sold us the Elite Little Dog Pro fence and enough wire for 4 acres. We got the yard staples and did the "above ground install", so that we wouldn't have to rent a trenching machine to bury it.
At first, the test tool didn't work in the corners, so we called Flexpetz to see what the problem was.
Jonny told us about making the corners more curved, because the sharp turns can cancel out the shock.
We adjusted and that did the trick. The fence works like a charm now and we're very happy.
Our little Cujo has lots of room to roam and play and knows where his boundary is, so we never worry about him tooling away.
This is a great system and Flexpetz knows their stuff.
Review by Deke Morias (Posted on 1/5/2016)
Easy to install especially if you have a handy husband, sorry just had to throw a joke out there but in all seriousness I’ve had a dog get hit by a car (my best friend) and I am so glad this system relieves my worries if my dog will run in to the road. My dog is trained on the audible tone and doesn’t not even try to test the boundary anymore. Review by Sinclair (Posted on 12/31/2015)
The fence seems okay, but the collar was too small for our dog.
We got this fence for our 40 lb bull terrier, because the fence says it works on dogs up to 50 lbs. However, even on the highest setting, he runs right through it. We didn't want to dig up the wire to send it back, so we ended up having to get another collar, with stronger shocks, just for the thing to work.
It works okay now, but the product should be more specific on what breeds it will work on, so that other people don't have to go through the same process I did, and spend extra money.
Review by Salvatore P (Posted on 10/5/2015)
100% Perfect
My dogs got out of the yard (gate did not close properly) for 6 hours and it was a miracle we found them 3 miles away from home at 4AM in the morning. It was 30 degrees outside! My families nerves have been shocked ever since. Every time we let them out "Are the gates close? Go check." more worrying and questions thanks to! The product is of superior quality and the installation is straightforward. Keep in mind it is a lot of digging and physical work, but that should be expected. I must have smart dogs because I shocked them once (not bad), but they won't go anywhere near the gates. I carry them close and they hear the sound (sounds like a time bomb ticking) and they run! We've tempted them with treats, toys and the ultimate test - other dogs standing at the gates and they will not budge. Whimper and cry, but won't go near the gates! All done, slam dunk! Life changing. Thank you - Review by Cary (Posted on 7/27/2015)
This works for both my dog and cat.
Was looking for a fence that could help contain my animals in the backyard. I like to let my pets play outside but hate the thought of them getting hit by a car. I am glad I found this package and was able to add a collar for another pet. Made my husband install the system, which took about 4 hours. I think this system will save me alot of time and money compared to a real fence, and also last the lifetime of my pets. Thanks for selling such a fabulous product.

Pittsburgh, PA
Review by Lauren M. (Posted on 6/4/2015)
Grade A for the Elite Little Dog Pro Grade fence, Works without any problems.
The PetSafe Elite Little Dog fence is a shock fence system designed for the smaller stature dogs, and works perfectly.
Initially, we were getting an alarm on the transmitter, but found out that we didn't have the wire secured in it well enough.
Once we re-seated that wire, the system came up as it's supposed to.
The collar works fine, as we walked to perimeter with it to make sure there wouldn't be any weak spots. The correction was consistent, so we're all ready to start training Buster.
It's not too complicated of a setup, so I can easily recommend this system to my older friends and not have to worry that it will be too overwhelming.
I'm a satisfied customer.

Ames, Iowa

Review by Nicole Brahms (Posted on 5/26/2015)
I will recommend this dog fence system to my friends.
Overall I am extremely excited about this dog fence system. I have two very small dogs that are my life. I was advised by FlexPetz the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence PRO-Grade would be a great fit for my dogs. After doing more research on the FlexPetz site I decided to purchase the system that was suggested I utilize. I only have positive things to say about this dog fence system. The pricing is affordable and my expectations were surpassed. I was concerned that the collars would be to large for my very small dogs. The collars were a perfect fit for toy breed dogs. My brother is a dog lover and I recommended that he purchase a dog fence system from FlexPetz. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence PRO-Grade is a perfect 10.

Janet R.
Tallahassee, Fl
Review by Janet R. (Posted on 5/9/2015)
I am very happy with my purchase.
I have a small dog and bought my dog fence system from FlexPetz. I am very happy with the PetSafe elite little dog fence pro-grade system. It has surpassed all of my expectations. I conducted extensive research to ensure that the dog fence would meet my needs. My dog weighs about 10 lbs. The collar fits my small dog well and only weighs 2 ounces. There are not many dog fence systems on the market that are specifically for toy breeds. If I decide to buy a bigger dog in the future this dog fence is compatible with larger Petsafe collars. The 3 year warranty is another reason why I purchased this dog fence system. Overall, I only have positive things to say about this system. I love the fact that this system is specifically made for small dogs. It is a great dog fence system.

Jason G.
Venice Beach, CA
Review by Jason G. (Posted on 5/2/2015)
This dog fence is terrific.
I have been searching the web for a long period of time looking for a dog fence that can work with my small Terrier. I decided to contact FelxPetz. I spoke with a knowledgeable customer support representative about which fence would work best with my small dog. I was pleased with the quality of this dog fence. I have tried a dog fence in the past from another manufacturer The PetSafe elite little dog fence pro-grade is a much better dog fence and has given me better results. My dog is very little and this system is a great choice because it is designed for small dogs. The collar fits my small dog very well. Overall, this dog fence is terrific and I am very happy with it.

Leslie J.
Orlando, Fl.
Review by Leslie J. (Posted on 4/30/2015)
The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence PRO-Grade
This is the best dog fence. After hours of searching I came across the FlexPetz website. I have two very small dogs and wanted a dog fence to allow them a bigger area to play. I contacted FlexPetz and inquired about a dog fence for my to small dogs. I was recommended an Elite Little Dog Fence for my dogs. I am satisfied with every aspect of my purchase. It has made life very easy. My small dogs are getting ample amounts of exercise. Thanks FlexPetz.

Austin, TX
Review by Molly (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Happy Reffearl
I was referred by a good friend of mine to go to this website and speak with the people here. I am very glad I did. My friend installed her fence about a month prior to mine and she loved how easy and well made it was. Hers was for the bigger collar and system due to her dog, but I have a toy dog that could not stop leaving the yard to go see my neighbor at random times. I also bought an indoor unit to go with the system because there was one couch I did not like him going on but could not find a way to keep him off of it. I like the ease of it all and although he is not the brightest lil dog, he still stays away from where I do not want him. I was impressed with the quality and the service I received and although my friend already told all of our friends, I will be more then happy to vouch on this end for how well you take care of your customers. The shipping was nice a quick and the wire made me confidant for the above ground install. Thank you for answering all of my questions!

Jennifer B.
St. Petersburg, Fl
Review by Jennifer Bainsley (Posted on 4/9/2015)
This fence is awesome.
This is a dog fence that I truly like. This fence has made my life so much better and easier. Walking the dogs can be a little much at times. This dog fence has made it easy to have the peace of mind that my dogs get more than enough exercise. I also no longer worry about the dogs chasing cars. Sounds kind of strange, my dogs love to chase cars. This dog fence has removed that issue. Thank you so much FlexPetz.

Athens, Ga
Review by Wendy (Posted on 3/27/2015)
Awesome system for my little dogs. A best buy.
The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence is a must have for dog owners. This system is effective and super easy to use. Once I trained my dogs on this system my life has become much easier. My dogs are able to get exercise without me having to walk the dogs 5 times per day. I can leave home and have the assurance that they are contained and are safe. This is a must have for dog owners with small dogs.

Michelle C
Port saint Lucie, Fl.
Review by Michelle Cardoza (Posted on 3/21/2015)
Fence System for really small dogs!
I just bought this fence system for my Jack Russell Terrier and it works great! I wasn't sure what unit to buy since my dog is really small but when I called your company the customer service was great so I didn't hesitate to get this product.

Thanks again for all your help!

S. Holbrooks
Key Biscayne, Florida
Review by Sam Holbrooks (Posted on 3/20/2015)
This is a great little shocker fence (no pun intended)
I have dealt with many fence systems, and there aren't many companies that offer a fence that will work with little dogs like a chihuahua or pom.
The Elite Little Dog Pro Grade fence does just that.
I really can't have big dogs, so I was more interested in something that's not bulky or heavy, but will still put out a shock strong enough to keep the little dogs in the yard and not turn them into burnt toast.
The Elite Little Dog Pro Grade was a piece of cake to setup and train with. I'm thinking I should be in the dog fence business, I'm so good. ha ha ha
I would surely be glad to suggest this fence package to any small dog owners.
It's humane, small, and it works. Great fence and great company.

Loki C.
Denton, TX
Review by Loki Charook (Posted on 3/15/2015)
Great for little dogs
While I was at first taken back by the price of the prograde systems I priced around and saw that flexpetz really had the best value for what they offered. The collar still seems a bit large on our min pin but he does have the skinniest neck and the fit seems good. He is such high energy though and a master escape artist that we needed something to keep him in the yard. The assistance choosing a system was much appreciated.

Adam C.
Las Crusces, Nm
Review by Adam Curry (Posted on 3/2/2015)
Just what was needed!
My English Bull dog and stupid Jack Russel needed this system before they got themselves killed. I liked how I could customize the fence just to what was exactly needed. We have a very long dirt driveway and both of my dogs would chase the cars as they were leaving trying to bite at the tires. I was able to now get them away from the driveway and now I feel more comfortable leaving them without having the feeling i am about to run over one of my dogs, along with other people who may not notice what they are doing. My dogs have free range in and out of the house so there was no stopping this from happening before when there were deliveries and people coming to visit. Thank you for the fact that you also provide customer support along with the upgraded system. The fact that i was placing the wire near the driveway had me worried but the thicker more durable wire puts me at ease about that. Perfect system for people to customize with and there are so many layouts possible that I would recommend this to anyone looking. The pro-grade I believe is well worth the money. When I was shopping for a system I noticed some in my local pet store but the packaging was so much smaller and when I did more research at home I found this and I was already sold. I am happy with my purchase and if you choose this option I think you will too.

Butch J.
Waycross, Ga
Review by Butch Jenkins (Posted on 2/26/2015)
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence PRO-Grade
This system is great and I am glad that I made decision to purchase it. The system is very high quality and lives up to durability that is portrayed by the company. I also have piece of mind that it comes with a 3 year warranty. This is important to me. Installation was quick and simple. We had the system up and running within a relatively short time. To my pleasant surprise my husband and I completed the installation all in one Saturday afternoon. Overall, I am extremely happy with the entire system.

Brenda G.
Miami , Fl
Review by Brenda Gallott (Posted on 2/6/2015)
I like the small collar profile. Good for a chihuahua. Overall happy.
My only concern was that I guess I expected the transmitter to be a heavier piece. It's pretty light weight. Definitely not cheap, because it works excellent.
I don't have a dumb doggie. I thought the training would take longer too. However, I'm all good to go and everything is great.
Really happy with the customer service department at Flexpetz. If not for them, I'd be lost. Thank you guys.

Harry B.
San Angelo, Texas
Review by Harry Baird (Posted on 1/30/2015)
Perfect for our little one!!
We had doubts about these systems but putting up a physical fence was not something we could do in our area due to the granite right under the surface. After looking into and checking out multiple sites we decided to give this a try. We were cautious about the shock and how it would affect our 8 lb min pin but this system fits perfectly and the shock levels can be adjusted to nothing more than a slight nick. Just enough to get her attention. She is quite smart and was trained in less than 3 days. Under the advice of those at flexpetz we continued with the 2 weeks of training and now have the peace of mind she will not be testing the boundaries anytime soon. Thanks for the help as we are now thinking of adding another member to the family since we found a safe way to keep them in the yard and away from the road.

Freddy W.
Ontario, Ca
Review by Freddy W. (Posted on 1/20/2015)

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