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At FlexPetz, we understand the importance of giving your dog the freedom to access the outdoors. It’s convenient for you and for them if they can excuse themselves to your yard to play or relieve themselves. Hale Pet Doors have a wide selection of dog doors for every need. Whether your dog door is mounted to a screen door or to the side of your house, Hale’s has it all!

What to Look for in a Dog Door

The perfect dog door for your home and pet needs to be chosen based on a few considerations, including:

Well-suited for your home’s decor - Does your new pet door blend well into your home’s decor and architectural style? A dog door is a practical addition. Thankfully, Hale Pet Doors have taken that into consideration by creating stylish doors with a variety of finishes.

The right fit for your dog - Sizing is crucial for finding the right dog door. Below we give some tips to size your dog properly for a dog door.

Level of installation - Are you comfortable installing your own dog door? Some doors, like a wall dog door, are more difficult to install than others.

Quality Hale Dog Doors

At FlexPetz, we offer a variety of dog doors from Hale Pet Doors. We offer many models of dog doors to allow your pup to pass freely into the outdoors.

Dog Doors - These dog doors are created to be placed right onto a wood or metal door. Each door includes double, clear flaps that allow your dog to pass through easily. Plus, the flaps keep cold air and critters out of the house.

Wall Dog Doors - Wall doors are installed directly into the side of your home! The lovely hardware fits smoothly against your existing siding. These models do require professional installation. Cutting into your wall can be dangerous as wiring and pipes may complicate where you place the wall dog door.

Screen Dog Doors - Screen dog doors are placed on a screen door. The upside to this model? The screen dog door allows your pup to leave the home only when you’re home and have the solid sliding or conventional metal door open. The universal screen pet door fits most screen doors.

Dog Ramps - Dog ramps aren’t always necessary, but for elevated doors or doors near stairs, a dog ramp could be helpful. Elderly dogs with joint pain also benefit from dog ramps.

Sizing Your Ideal Dog Door

The size of your dog door matters for the safety and comfort of your pet. Hale pet doors come in a variety of sizes including half sizes and tall sizes. For very large dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs and Great Pyrenees, Hale’s “giant” size is perfect. These giant breeds are comfortable with these doors.

If you are unsure of your dog’s size, then take out a tape measure! To measure their width, use your measuring tool to and find the widest point on your pet (chest or hips). From there, add one to two inches. For height, measure your pup from the top of their shoulders to the bottom of their chest or belly. From there, add one inch. 

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