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Wireless Dog Fences

Wireless Fences Wireless Fence Collars Wireless Fence Batteries Chargers Wireless Fence Transmitters

Electric dog fences used to be limited to the traditional buried wire variety, but no more!  While the traditional in-ground electric dog fence is still the more reliable and customizable choice, the newer wireless options are increasing in popularity. Wireless dog fences are a great option for those people who cannot or do not want to bury wire in the ground, those who desire portability, and those who plan to use their containment system in the field. 

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Comment / Questions about Wireless Dog Fences

Greg Berdan
June 28, 2014

Hi, I am interested in a wireless system for home and travel. We have a cat 10#, a miniature dachshund (12# but have a hard time finding collars and harnesses to fit him), a boxer lab mix 65#, and a 12yo diabetic blind Labrador 85#. do you have a product that would meet our needs? Controlling the maximum range is desired as we are buying a new home that sits on a 1/3 acre of ground in a rural area. the neighbors are fine, its the road out front that we are concerned with. has some fast travelers and our dogs are not used to traffic. I'd hate to have to put up an ugly fence and chop up the flow of the yard and deck. Plus the cost gets pretty high for over 350 feet of fence.



Thank you for visiting our website. A wireless system is definitely an option for you and in some cases they work very well as far as containment is concerned. There are approximately one million systems in use worldwide and they work well contain dogs from 10 pounds and as large as 160 pounds. While wireless systems can work well in many cases a traditional in ground wired system can work better depending on your particular layout, for instance with most wireless systems you can not customize the boundaries, they make a radius around your property and do not give you the ability to customize for situations like a road or neighbors property, so for instance if you have a 220 foot radius your dog could be on the neighbors property or out in the street, with an inground electric dog fence you can customize the boundaries precisely and do not have any variances in the containment zone. Traditionally wired fence systems tend to work better and be generally more reliable than a wireless dog fencing system.

Derrick Jones
March 13, 2015

Would either on of these wireless fences work in a sloped yard? I was reading somewhere that wireless fences do not work well with a sloped yard


Hi Derrick great question!

 Sloped yards can be difficult for any of the available wireless fence systems. If you are considering a dog fence I would highly suggest a wired or in-ground fence solution, one of our pro grade fences would be most recommended for rougher terrain you can find our pro grade fence systems here by clicking on this link Pro grade dog fencesThe most common reason for considering a wireless system over a wired system is ease of install, most people believe that a wireless solution will be the easiest installation but don't factor in the functionality aspect. Wired systems can be customized perfectly to fit your yard, while wireless systems are very inflexible, in most cases they will only work in a circle so customizing wireless dog fence systems is not always possible or even an option, the collars are also much larger, and a lot less precise than a wired system. And for your particular situation for sloped yards it will most likely not work at all.

 Believe it or not in many cases installing an actual wired system can be just as easy as a wireless system. In many cases you don't even have to bury the wire. Check out this great YouTube video we have created, it actually shows you how to install an in-ground fence above the surface.  The most common method for installing an above ground fence system is by using our handy dog fence staples, you would staple the wire firmly to the ground, and our video goes more in depth. 

August 02, 2015

Need small unit for my chihuahua ..haven't been able to find small collar for wireless system


Unfortunately, wireless systems require a heavier collar than a wired system. Even wired collars are not recommended for dogs under 5 lbs, so if your chihuahua weighs less than 5 lbs, it would be in his or her best interest to not use an electric collar of any sort. If your dog is 5-6 lbs, we have the Elite Little Dog system made by PetSafe at this link...https://www.flexpetz.com/little-dog-fence-pro-grade.html

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 800-396-5517.

Tom Caruso
Electric Dog Fence

August 16, 2015

after reading many reviews on other sites, I've noticed that one of the more popular brands (pet safe) has a bad reputation of only lasting just beyond the warrant period of a year. Are there wireless fencing options that have a warranty option of more than a year?


I have not heard about many people having problems with PetSafe Wireless systems. Wireless systems are known to be less reliable than in-ground fences due to factors like interference, metal siding or a roof on a house, or other wireless transmissions nearby, but those factors apply to all wireless fences. All of our wireless systems come with a on-year manufacturer's warranty only.
If you have any additional questions or comments, please call us at 800-396-5517.
Tom Caruso
Electric Dog Fence

Brad Farnsworth
April 05, 2016

I am looking for a wireless(only) system for 5 acre lot with many buildings on to contain a Bull Mastiff. Do you have any such systems?



I would recommend The Border Patrol TC1 which is a GPS containment system. This is a trainer and tracker. This is the only wireless system that we have that will cover the area that you specified.


Marlen Roepke
April 25, 2016

I am looking for a wireless solution for keeping my 75lb dog within a set distance of me while we are out walking. Leash free. Does such a product exist?


Hello Marlen,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
For a wireless solution while walking you pet I would use a remote trainer.
Basically you would train your pet to stay beside you or next to you when going for a walk.
Also you can train your pet for things that you might be having issues with. A remote trainer is a very nice tool to have around always to correct bad habits or just to show your pet guidance.
If you let me know what breed or dog you have I can choose the right trainer for you.

Kind Regards,
Julie Angulo
Sales and Support Leader
800-396-5517 Toll Free

We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

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