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You work hard to provide for your pets. At the end of a long day, it’s nice to sit down in a cool room and maybe have an icy cold beverage. That’s one creature comfort you can take advantage of, and now you can give that same comfort to your pet. FlexPetz carries Climate Right Doghouse Air Conditioners so you can keep your pet cool even on the warmest of days.

Why Use a Climate Right Dog House Air Conditioner?

The Main Benefit

The main benefit of using a Climate Right Doghouse Air Conditioner is keeping your dog safe. When it gets extremely hot outside, a dog can easily overheat. Especially if your property doesn’t have much shade, it is important to set aside a spot for your pet to relax in comfort. With a Climate Right Doghouse Air Conditioner, your pet will be able to safely stay outdoors year-round.

Ease of Install

The Climate Right Dog House Air Conditioner is a snap to install. The only tools you will need are a drill and a hole saw. The Dog House Air Conditioner comes with everything else you will need to keep your pet cool during hot months. And the unit runs on regular 110v electricity. No need to run expansive wiring! Simply install the ductwork for the unit and plug it in. Your pet will be enjoying their cool house right away.


The Climate Right Dog House Air Conditioner is an extremely safe unit. The system relies on ductwork to and from the unit. This ductwork means that the entire cooling system sits outside your pet’s home. This affords your pet a high margin of safety since they will most likely never come in contact the unit itself.

A Multi Use Product

While the Climate Right Doghouse Air Conditioner has been designed specifically for outdoor doghouses, it is usable in other areas as well. A small RV can benefit from Climate Right’s unit. Even small spaces like ATMs, kiosks, or small pantries can be cooled by the Climate Right Air Conditioner. The unit is suitable for cooling any area up to 400 cubic feet.

With a system this convenient to install and safe to use, there is no reason not to keep your pet comfortable. As much as we enjoy relaxing in a comfortable environment, your dog will enjoy spending the day outside with you. And now they will be able to cool down with the Climate Right Air Conditioner.

FlexPetz cares about the comfort of your pets. That is why we carry Climate Right Air Conditioners. They have one of the easiest and most convenient climate control systems on the market.

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