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Dogtra prides itself on offering the most user-friendly electronic dog training tools on the market. Specializing in remote training collar systems, the company has devoted years of research and development to devising the safest and simplest products available. Having specific systems for specific training needs has been a focus of the Dogtra Brand. Through their multiple partnerships with trainers, sporting dog associations and even K-9 police units the company has been able to develop customized remote training devices that cater to the unique needs of many different training situations.

  • The Dogtra ef-3000 Gold Containment System is a reliable way to keep your dog safe and secure in your yard without the need for an unsightly and expensive traditional fence. An easy DIY weekend project, you can install the boundary wire in any shape or size (up to 40 acres) and over any terrain. Once the perimeter wire is installed and your dog outfitted with the receiver collar he’ll begin to learn the boundaries of the space with the help of the temporary training flags. When the dog approaches the boundary zone he’ll receive a warning vibration, if he continues toward the perimeter he’ll activate a correction.

    With a Dogtra e-collar you can take control of your dog’s behavior. Fully customizable remote training collars offer dog owners the capacity to correct misbehavior at the exact moment it occurs. Any trainer will agree that timing is everything. Issuing an appropriate correction immediately when a dog misbehaves is the most fair and most effective way to obtain behavior modification. Dogtra training collars offer feature-rich, fully customizable solutions for any training or obedience situation.

    Perfect for mild mannered dogs, the Platinum and Element series have all the basic components you’ll need to successfully address basic behavior management with your dog. If small is what you need, the iQ is right for you. One of the smallest yet most powerful collars available it boasts a rapid charge and a 400-yard range so it’s ideal for training your smaller dog. The SureStim series offers a low/medium power options for smaller dogs and a low/high option for larger pets. It is also expandable to accommodate two dogs at the same time.

    Designed for all training situations from household pet obedience to K-9 and sport dog training. Precise stimulation levels (0-127), fully waterproof collar and transmitter, rechargeable batteries and a half-mile range make this system the most popular in the Dogtra range. The Advance, Super-X and Edge are multipurpose collar systems designed for advanced training including competition, K-9 work or sporting dog training. 

    A dog that barks non-stop can quickly get on even the most patient person’s nerves. The Dogtra No Bark Collars provide a simple and effective solution. The collar unit is activated by the vibration created when the dog barks and will automatically issue a harmless static correction to persuade the dog to remain quiet.

    Dotra products are backed by limited warranties. Depending on the specific product, the warranty may be a 1-year, 2-year, or lifetime warranty.


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