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PRO-Grade Dog Fence Kits

Our custom PRO-Grade Dog Fence Kits include 3 vital upgrades to ensure optimal performance of your dog fence system

Find Out More About Pro-Grade In-Ground Dog Fence Systems

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Comment / Questions about PRO-Grade Dog Fence Kits

Kirk Pfeil
June 21, 2017

We have two dogs, 1 a great dane and the other is a Cavilier King Charles Spaniel. We are looking for an outdoor invisible fence and a indoor invisible fence which would be compatible with both systems with the same collar for both systems and dogs.



I might recommend the SportDOG Pro Grade fence. The native collar would work great for the dane.
Then you can add an Elite Little Dog collar, by PetSafe, for the Spaniel. It is fully compatible.

I hope this information helps.

Joseph Kren
August 07, 2017

We have 2 Pugs and a Bassett. I am looking at approximately 3/4 of an acre. Which system would you recommend?

Joseph A. Kren



If your pugs are at least 8 lbs at the moment, you may opt for the Perimeter Technologies Pro Grade.
However, if your hound is pretty high energy, you may want a more powerful set of collar corrections.
We may be in better position to help you select a system, if we could ask you a few questions.
Please give us a call whenever you have 2 minutes and we'll help you select your best option.
Thank you. 800-396-5517

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