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At FlexPetz, we enjoy spending time with our pets. We especially like spending time with our pets outdoors! What better way to enjoy your outdoor space than with a birdhouse by Coveside? A Coveside Birdhouse is an investment that will not only beautify your outdoor space, but will invite even more nature into your backyard!

Coveside offers a plethora of birdhouses to fit your desire and need. Looking for a way to peer into nature? Looking to house a specific type of bird? You’ll be able to find it with Coveside.

Types of Birdhouses

Window Nesting Box - This box is perfect for those who really want to see nature. These birdhouses use suction cups to attach to a window. From there, you simply pull your blinds to give the bird some privacy. You’ll be able to open the blinds and check on your new friend whenever you choose.

Nesting Perch Style Bird House - Some birds prefer an open front to enter their home from. The open perch gives birds a chance to climb in and relax. And maybe they’ll get a nice view of the yard!

Apartment Style Bird House - Some birds prefer to nest with other birds. These Apartment Style bird houses give these sociable birds a chance to settle down while also offering them their own room.

Bird Specific Bird House - Are you looking to house a specific type of bird? From the simple bluebird to sparrows and robins, Coveside has the bird house you need to offer entice your favorite birds. Each bird specific bird house is shaped to the bird’s preferred house shape. Some birds prefer their home to be more spacious. Some birds prefer their home to be more horizontal than vertical. Coveside’s bird specific bird houses are sure to be a hit with the birds you hope to invite in.

Universal Backyard Bird House - These bird houses are not bird specific. They are meant for any bird. Built in a universally pleasant shape for any bird, and are built with a squirrel protected entrance. These are the perfect house to offer to your neighborhood birds.

Bird House with Camera - For the enthusiast, this bird house comes with a camera pre-installed. You’ll be able to view activity within the nest day or night thanks to the infrared night vision camera. And the 100-foot- cord allows you to send both video and audio directly to your TV or computer.

Hanging Bird House - Most birds prefer their home to be on something solid, but some can deal with a little sway. This birdhouse looks beautiful hanging from a tree limb or other human made structure.

Observation Birdhouse - Just as it sounds, this bird house offers a view in. One wall is made of plexiglass. This keeps the birds safe during observation.

Open 2-Side Bird House - Just like the Observation Bird House this bird house has twice the view since two panels open to a plexiglass panel.

The “BIRD” House- A modern design, this birdhouse is in the shape of a bird. Form does not detract from function at all with this birdhouse. It is suitable for several backyard birds.

Owl Bird House - Coveside offers bird houses for many owls. From the tiny screech owl to the barn owl, you’ll be sure to find the owl house of your dreams.

Winter Roost - The winter roost offers a nice shelter for those who chose to brave the cold climate. Plenty of room for multiple birds, this will be like an oasis to your backyard friends.

FlexPetz offers Coveside Bird Houses because they offer well-built and varied bird houses. You’ll be sure to find the bird house to meet your needs.

Browse FelxPetz’s selection of Coveside bird houses below!

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