Endura Dog Doors


At FlexPetz, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best of the best for your pet. Therefore, we carry fine assortment of Endura dog flap doors! Endura dog flap doors have been used for over 40 years and have been proven to be a safe and effective alternative for your pet’s outdoor access. They have formulated a strong product line for all your uses and have a large selection for all pets!

Endura’s Product Excellence

Endura’s flap door products are up for the task concerning your pet’s need to go outside and explore. They have many incredible benefits to their entire product line, including:

  • All season flap that will not shrink under extreme weather conditions
  • Flexible and durable for ease of use
  • Strong magnets that create a good seal
  • Intensely tested UV retardant


Being a pet owner doesn’t have to be difficult with all the wonderful benefits Endura has to offer. Your pets will relish in their new-found freedom and you will be at ease with an Endura flap door!

Endura Flap Doors and Your Pet’s Needs

No pet is created equal! FlexPetz comprehends that keeping your pet out of harm’s way is important and making your life easy is key. Owning a fluffy friend comes with challenges, but letting them have their time outdoors should be simple. Endura’s flap door system allows your pet worry free admittance to their backyard. Also, the flap’s flexibility keeps your pet’s face from getting hurt! Any breed can enter and exit with contentment and simplicity with an Endura flap door!

Have an older pet? Endura’s flap door is perfect for the older dog or cat! Your furry buddy will be able to get in and out without having to go through any stress. For the pet that needs to go often, the Endura flap door will allow them freedom to go when they need to-- even when it’s not convenient for you.

Endura flap doors not only are able to be placed on your door, but they can also be fitted to glass! Endura’s products will provide positive solutions for making you and your pet’s lives more effortless!

Endura Dog Door Products

Endura offers a wide variety of wonderful products in assorted styles for all breeds and needs that are proudly carried at FlexPetz, like:

● Endura Flap Door: The original Endura flap door is a sensational solution for your pooch! With its patented system of magnets and flexible flap door, this door will keep the elements out while letting your dog come and go as they may. You can use the Endura flap system on doors or walls. Let go of your worry and let your pup hang loose with this tried and true flap door!

● Endura Flap Kennel Doors: Endura flap kennel doors are a great option for kennel operators. The flap doors are the same as the wall or door systems, and are fitted specifically for kennels. Keep your boarded dogs out of harm’s way while letting them spread their paws!

Endura Thermo Panel 3e: The Endura thermo panel (3e) is a fantastic option for access to the outdoors when you have a sliding glass door. The panel can be easily installed with a few clicks!

Endura Flap Pet Doors Locking Covers: Keeping your home and those in it free from danger is always necessary. Endura’s locking covers will keep your pet’s flap door secured when it’s not being used!

There’s more! See all our Endura dog flap door options below

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