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FlexPetz knows that having high-quality products for your pets are a necessity. While there are many products on the market for outdoor dog homes, but the Northland dog house line is the very best for your dog home needs! We spend time carefully selecting products that will not only suit your current needs, but will last for years to come. Northland dog homes are sturdy, viable options for dogs that enjoy the great outdoors!

Northland’s Incomparable Products

Northland Pet Supply, the creator behind Northland dog houses have been manufacturing beautiful and durable pet products for over ten years. Their focus lies specifically in the construction of well-made dog and cat houses for your pet’s every need. Their products have been tried and tested continuously, and have been improved upon to make them one of the very best.

Northland’s pet products are weather-proof! Wherever you live, a Northland dog home will be able to handle the harshest of climates. Whether you live in a temperate area that isn’t affected by ever-changing weather, or if you live somewhere that has its share of four seasons in one week, Northland dog houses are ready to be put to the test!

The Benefits Behind a Northland Dog House

There are many added benefits to a Northland dog house! Other than its long-lasting quality against extreme weather, Northland dog houses will be like new for years to come. The dog houses by Northland Pet Supply have rough-sawn cedar finishes that can withstand practically any bump, dent, scratch, or warping! Also, because they’re made from cedar, it can repel most insects, keeping disease and general discomfort away from your pooch.

Northland dog houses are moisture resistant! Your four-legged friend can stay dry and safe in this wonderful outdoor domicile. These dog houses also come equipped with true insulation. There is 1 ½” foam insulation that runs alongside the walls, floor and roof of the pet home! Rest assured that your pup will be comfortable and happy in their Northland dog house.

The most interesting feature of the Northland dog house is its slide lock removable roof. You can remove the roof safely and effectively to view your pet at it rests. You don’t have to disturb your dog. This feature, and many more make the Northland dog house a great option for all pet owners!

Northland Dog House Products

At FlexPetz, we offer a variety of amazing Northland dog houses, including:

  • Northland Climate Master Insulated Dog House (varying sizes): The Northland Climate Master insulated dog house is ideal for the dog that likes to enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors! Northland’s dog house is made very durably and will hold against all types of climates. The Northland dog house comes pre-finished, which means there is virtually no strain in the setup! Most Northland dog houses can be put together within 10 minutes, so you and your pooch can enjoy their new dog house right out of the box.
  • Northland Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House (Varying sizes): The difference between the Northland Climate Master and Master Plus insulated dog house is all in the door! The Master Plus dog house comes built tough like its standard counterpart, however it is equipped with an excellent Plexidor dog flap door! The Plexidor dog door comes with its own warranty, and it is made to withstand all the elements alongside the Northland Climate Master Plus dog house. While the standard Climate Master dog house and the Climate Master Plus are very similar, adding the aspect of a Plexidor glass door makes this dog house a superior product!

Check out all our Northland dog house options below!

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