E-Collar Technologies

FlexPetz carries E-Collar Technologies because of their amazing product lineup. These remote dog training professionals offer the latest in low-level stimulation that conditions dogs to obey. By avoiding elevated levels of corrective stimulus, it’s a safer, more humane way to train your dog.

The stimulation resembles a human muscle stimulator. This innovative technology puts less stress on the dog during training. Coupled with positive reinforcement, e-collar training is proven to be effective.

A Leader in Remote Dog Training Technology

E-Collar Technologies creates training products that allow the owner to finely-tune the stimulation depending on the dog’s temperament. The stimulation dial can be adjusted from 0 to 100 safely. There’s no risk of overstimulation! These e-collars are assembled and tested in the USA for maximum quality assurance. Each comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This durable e-collar will work 500 ft below sea level and withstand 5000G of force.


E-Collar Technologies for a Variety of Applications


Remote Dog Trainers - Remote dog trainers from E-Collar Technologies come in a variety of ranges. From ½ mile to 1-mile ranges, these dog trainers are great if you have a small yard or a large piece of property. There are many 1 to 1 models (one remote, one collar). For those with many dogs, E-Collar Technologies offers up to 4 dog remote collars for one remote.


Hunting Dog Remote Trainers - These advanced systems allow your dog to learn more complex problem-solving skills. Hunting dogs require far more skill than your typical home-bound dog. They need to know when to hunt for fowl, or when to bring the animal to their owner. Being on the hunt also means controlling where and when your dog eats and sleeps (often for their own safety).


Working Dog Remote Trainers - Whether it’s for a herding dog or police dog, these e-collar educators are a fantastic way to train your working dog in the subtle nuances of their job. Police dogs benefit from the tactical collars by E-Collar Technologies. The tactical collars offer higher stimulation given the intense situations these working dogs experience. After dark, a light on the collar makes it easy to find the dog.


No Bark/Anti-Bark Collars - For both domestic dogs and working dogs, No-bark collars are a valuable tool for especially loud dogs. It’s ideal for dogs who can’t control their bark. It’s also useful for dogs living in apartments. Loud, frequent barkers can cause neighbors and management to become upset. Train your dog safely with anti-bark collars.


Replacement Parts - Although these e-collars come with a limited lifetime warranty, it’s important to be able to replace pieces as needed. We make it easy to find and replace a variety of components on your dog’s e-collar.


Training Materials - For training to be successful, you must learn to train your dog using an e-collar educator. E-Collar Technologies offers DVDs and web training sessions. Streamline the training process by using training materials provided by professionals.


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