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E-Collar Technologies

The Educator BL-100 BarkLess Collar is a compact and powerful design for humane bark control from small dogs to large dogs. This bark control collar delivers a warning tone to your talkative pup first. Then it delivers preset stimulation. The BarkLess collar allows for auto mode which senses your dogs barking habits and will help control barking with increasing stimulation until your pup is quiet for 10 minutes. The collar is available at a more sensitive level. It's great for use on dogs that howl or whine. Most dogs stop barking within 15 minutes of using the BarkLess Collar.



  • Fits Dogs 5 lbs. & Up
  • Four Levels of Stimulation, (4 Static Stimulation Levels + Tone-Only Training Mode)
  • Auto-Mode Training Mode, (Training Auto-Mode)
  • Beeper Warning Prior to Stimulation, (Audible Tone Before Stimulation)
  • Beeper Only Mode, (remove - included in #1)
  • Test Mode (nothing to be done with this one)
  • Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries Both Units (2 Hour full Charge) (Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries in Collar and Remote)
  • Completely Waterproof and Shock Resistant (100% Waterproof & Durable)
  • Low Battery Indicator (not much to do with this one)
  • Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap Can Be Cut To Length
  • Two sets of contact points (removal tool included) 
  • Lightweight (1.9 ounces) 
  • Rechargable Batteries 
  • Made in the USA


  • One Waterproof BarkLess Collar Unit 
  • One 3/4” X 30” Nylon Collar (Ready to Be Cut to Size) 
  • Two Sets of Contact Points (1/2” and ¾”) 
  • Contact Point Removal Tool 
  • Battery Charger (120V/220V)



  • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered) 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Batteries Exempt) 

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Customer Reviews (2)
A Gift From Above
I had tried every bark collar on the market before I went with this one. The price was right and I figured with 100 levels of stimulation there had to be one for my mutt. If you have a stubborn barker, save your time and money and skip the spray and ultrasonic collars. I was against the static at first but I read up on the e-collar technologies company and their stimulation seems to be the most humanely designed so I went with this one. Safe to let little Barker (yes that is his name) out in the back yard now without the neighbors complaining or me ending up with a ticket.

Jackie N.
Bluefield, Wv
Review by Jackie N. (Posted on 1/3/2015)
Could Not be Happier!
I am writing this review in hope that it will help someone else with a small dog. I want them to see there IS something that could help, for what seems like a repetitive situation. This has really truly been a big life saver. I can't say enough how very pleased I have been with this collar. 1st let me say I am not voicing for a static collar, but expressing a very desperate and unrelenting situation that was in need of immediate action. I have a 8mo 10lb Maltese that uncontrollably barks it’s head off. It was to a point that I was getting very hopeless. We had done 4 six week courses, he goes to doggie camp many times a week for socialization behavior. We tried the Citronella Spray collar, that did not work at all. Let's just say all it was good for protecting us from getting bit by mosquito's and other bugs. Before I was sold on the Einstein collar, we tried the Petsafe Elite Little Dog collar. It was a little disappointing, it did not work for our dog. So got a refund and returned it. I guess it does not work on all dog’s. I started my search once again. I researched very well before I chose this unit and I am so happy I bought this collar. It has many settings that allow for a more individualized collar, depending on needs.There is a handy test setting to ensure the unit worked. It even has a handy adapter for charging, so no need for batteries. I have now been able to go on walks with my dog and I am very proud to report that my dog is doing well. Finally I feel like we are going to make it through. I use to be jealous of other owners that I would see with nice behaved dogs, I don’t any longer. Thank You! Review by Vallery Hendricks (Posted on 12/15/2014)
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