Bark Collars and Control

Barking is a natural and normal behavior for a dog (unless you happen to own a Basenji -  the only non-barking breed). A dog barks as a normal means of communication with his pack. Normal barking can signal the arrival of a visitor or intruder, be a greeting, a response to a surprise or sudden pain, a request (like to be let out), an invitation to play, expression of happiness or excitement, and plenty of other things. As you get to know your dog you'll be able to distinguish between his barks and this will help you to communicate with your dog. Some dogs engage in incessant barking that quickly becomes unbearable for anyone within earshot. Nuisance barking is common among dogs that are very attached to their family and left alone for prolonged periods of time or in dogs who are very territorial and become fixated on the series of people passing by their home during the day. Unfortunately, most nuisance barking occurs when no one is at home with the dog to address the behavior. This makes the problem hard to solve.

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