Zinger Winger Dog Crates

At FlexPetz, we understand your relationship with your dog. Not only is your dog a loving companion who is excited about just being around you, but they are your trusted partner who never lets you down. Therefore, we offer some of the best dog training products available.

Zinger Winger Dog Crate’s Superior Design

Strong Materials - The Zinger Winger Dog Crate is truly top of the line. These dog crates are made to be strong and keep your dog secure. Built of lightweight aluminum, these crates are lightweight for you to handle, but create an extremely strong home for you dog.

Quality Finishing - While some aluminum cages have been known to turn dogs’ coats black, a Zinger crate has been finished with a durable “silver hammertone” both inside and out. The Professional model even comes with a reinforced door with extra bars, double welds and bracing for those dogs that seem to find their way out of any crate. And the Zinger Winger Dog Crate has been built to protect your pet, so no sharp edges or other hazards are accessible inside the crate.

Customization - The Zinger Winger Dog Crate is more than just a crate. It is designed for your dog to not only live and sleep in, but also as a way for you to comfortably transport your best friend. Zinger Winger Dog Crates are designed to fit comfortably into your vehicle. Some models have optional back door your pet can access from the vehicle back hatch or a side door. Two crates can even be connected when traveling with more than one companion. The Zinger Winger Dog Crate’s Airline Rails even make it possible to travel with your companion via air.

Zinger Winger Dog Crates and Your Dog’s Needs

Zinger Winger Dog Crates are an amazing tool to use when training your dog. Dogs naturally crave a place to call their own; a place that gives them comfort and security. The Zinger Winger Dog Crate is an excellent place to do this.

Comfort - Accessories like the Drain Thru crate flooring helps raise your pet from the metal pan of the crate. This allows for water and accidents to pass through while keeping your dog dry. The Zinger Crate Cover fits perfectly over your Zinger Crate to provide protection from rain or snow and even wind and excessive sun. The zippered door and side windows offer complete ventilation when needed.

Security - Stainless steel paddle locks make sure your dog will be exactly where you left them. Quality build and locking doors means your pet will never venture off on their own or with someone else. Your pet is most vulnerable while traveling. A car can be a scary and disorienting place for a dog. A Zinger Winger Dog Crate can be a haven for your companion while traveling. If there is an accident in transport, the Zinger Winger Dog cage will keep your pet where they should be and prevents them from wandering off. Keep your pup safe no matter what happens!

Zinger Winger’s Dog Crate Products

Zinger Winger Dog Crates boast a variety of crate designs. Their Deluxe series offers both front or side entry crates. Their Professional Series is for the Houdini of dogs and ensures your pet will not be able to escape. Their Folding Suitcase Crate is perfect for saving space and time while traveling. It also works well if you live in an apartment and need to be able to tuck the crate away. Zinger Winger even offers a wooden DIY crate kit for the handyman to complete. This is a perfect product for anyone who loves customized accessories.

With accessories like crate handles and removable casters, you can be sure that your purchase of a Zinger Winger Dog Crate is a smart one for both you and your pet.

Check out FlexPetz’s full line of Zinger Winger Dog Crates and accessories below!

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