GoPet Treadmills

Keeping your pet in great shape is important. At FlexPetz, we care about your pup’s health! Doing everything you can to keep up with your dog’s energy and happiness is necessary. We know it can be no small feat to keep your dog in tip-top shape. There can be physical limitations or pre-existing health conditions that make it difficult for your dog to stay as healthy as possible. GoPet treadmills are a game changer.

GoPet’s Innovative Products

The GoPet treadmill was conceptualized back in 2006. The treadmill was formed with your pet’s health in mind! GoPet treadmills and their other active pet equipment are manufactured as a viable solution to help your pet through all sorts of circumstances. The GoPet’s design works with varying breeds and different sized dogs to ensure it would work with all pets.

While we try to do our best as dog owners, we know it’s not always easy to be attentive when life moves so quickly. GoPet’s amazing products, like the GoPet treadmill, provide real results to the number of factors your dog can face with their well-being. While dogs are clearly distinctive from their human counterparts, we all run the risk of an unhealthy lifestyle. GoPet’s products are a sure answer to many aspects that can harm your dog’s health when they don’t get the exercise they need.

GoPet offers options for your dog. While the GoPet treadmill series keeps your dog’s health in check, their entire product line is built with your dog’s overall lifespan in mind. Keep your dog at their peak for years to come with GoPet’s products!

How a GoPet Treadmill Suits Your Dog

While keeping your dog fit allows them to typically live longer than their expectancy, it not as simple as it seems. With the GoPet treadmill, a dog who is overweight can work at shedding the pounds.

Your best friend may also have physical limitations that require physical therapy. GoPet treadmill speeds can be adjusted to suit your dog’s pace! Keep your dog’s joints moving with this wonderful and simple solution.

A GoPet treadmill may seem like an extravagant option for your pet. While a pet treadmill may be thought as unnecessary, having to take your pet to a veterinarian becomes costly when their health suffers from lack of activity. Considering the alternative, a GoPet treadmill can pay for itself with your peace of mind and saving money on vet bills!

GoPet Treadmill Products

At FlexPetz, we offer a variety of marvelous GoPet Treadmills, including:

●      GoPet Treadmill: The GoPet Treadmill is a staple for any dog who has room for improvement in the health department! You can gradually increase and decrease speed with the ease of a button. There are even areas to hang toys or other forms of encouragement while your pet is getting their fitness on! The GoPet treadmill comes in varying sizes depending on the dog:

  • GoPet Treadmill for Toy/Small Breeds - For dogs up to 44 pounds
  • GoPet PetRun - For dogs up to 88 pounds
  • GoPet for Small/Medium Breeds - For dogs up to 132 pounds
  • GoPet for Large Breeds - For dogs up to 175 pounds
  • GoPet for Giant Breeds - For dogs up to 265 pounds

●     GoPet Treadwheel: The GoPet Treadwheel is an awesome, energy efficient option. Powered solely by your dog’s energy, they can really get a decent workout safely and keep their health in prime conditions! The GoPet treadwheel comes in varying sizes depending on your pet:

  • GoPet Treadwheel for Small Breeds - For dogs up to 25 pounds
  • GoPet for Medium/Large Breeds - For dogs up to 150 pounds

See all of our GoPet Treadmill options below!

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