Bark Collar Batteries & Chargers

Keeping your bark control collar powered up is integral to the success of the collar in curbing your dog's nuissance barking. As all dog owners know, our pets can be amazingly cunning when they need to be. When the battery in your dog's bark collar becomes too low the collar will no longer have the power it needs to deliver the correction when your dog barks. Many dogs will recognize when a 'test' bark is not corrected and will realize that they can bark freely without consequence. Some dogs will accidentally discover the low battery when tempted to bark appropriately (when someone appraoches your door for example) and once they realize that they were not corrected they will continue to bark at will. 

Batteries are necessary to keep your bark control devices performing correctly. We offer a full line of batteries tailor made for each bark control product we sell. Make sure you have spare batteries on hand, ready to swap out when the old ones die so you'll never end up having to leave your dog to bark all day for lack of backup batteries. 

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