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At FlexPetz, we pride ourselves at supplying the best quality items for your four-legged friends. Travelling safe with your favorite buddy is important! We carry a large selection of Owens dog boxes for safe pet transport. If you’re travelling long distances or just taking your pooch for a quick ride, Owens dog boxes are well suited for the task!

Owens Superior Products

Owens Products has been specializing in automotive solutions since 1965! Their dog box collections are an added benefit to their impressive product line. Owens dog boxes are built very strong. Made from a heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum, they can withstand harsh elements. The boxes also come equipped with slots for cooling fans so your pet doesn’t overheat! Owens dog boxes are manufactured to cater to your every transportation need.

The dog boxes also have lockable slam latch doors for an extra added level of security on your rides. Rest assured that your dog will be protected in the Owens dog boxes.

How an Owens Dog Box is Perfect Your Dog

We know that your dog’s safety, especially when riding in the car, is necessary and a very critical factor. Owens dog boxes not only keep your pets secure, but they’re also designed to be as comfortable as possible for your furry friend!

Driving with your pet has its challenges. Sometimes, those challenges are limited to your vehicle. Having a vehicle like a pickup truck makes it difficult to have your dog ride securely and comfortably. Owens dog boxes take the guesswork out of that predicament! Their dog boxes can be placed in the cab of any pickup truck easily and make the ride effortless. You can travel anywhere with your pooch when you have an Owen’s dog box!

Big or small breeds can travel in an Owens dog box. These dog boxes are suitable for all pets and make the trip fun for you and your pet.

Owens Dog Box Products

At FlexPetz, we offer a variety of incomparable and amazing dog boxes by Owens Products, including:

Hunter Series - 1 Dog: The Owens dog box Hunter series are made with your pet in mind. This dog box allows access for your pooch and comes in various dimensions depending on your dog’s size. Each box is lined for your pup’s comfort, and comes with a rubber mat so that your pet doesn’t slide around. Your dog will also have plenty of free-flowing air and you can add fans to the box for extra cooling on hot days.

Hunter Series - 2 Dogs: This Owens dog box is built tough and made for two dogs. Your pets will ride in style with the rugged aluminum construction, and they will be out of harm’s way. The Owens Hunter series for two dogs is like the single dog box. You will have the same benefits as the single with extra space for your furry friends!

Hunter Series with Storage: The Hunter series is aptly named with the avid hunter in mind! Bring your pets along to the big hunt in these secure boxes. You’ll also have space with the storage capabilities! The Hunter series with storage allows for top or bottom storage on the dog box for you to bring all the supplies you’ll need. If you do not hunt, these dog boxes are still for you! Bring along all your pet’s favorite items as you travel around.

Check out all of our Owens dog box options below!

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