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Wireless Fences

Wireless dog fences allow you to set up a safe containment area for your dogs without the hassle and added expense of buried wires. Just plug the transmitter in and you'll instantly have a perfect circular wireless boundary up to a certain size around your home and yard. Wearing the special receiver collar, your dog will be able to move freely within the circular boundary. As your dog nears the boundary a warning tone will sound, alerting her to the off-limits zone. If your dog continues into the boundary zone, she will receive a harmless but surprising static correction. As your dog completes the training process and learns to associate the warning tone with the static correction, she will learn the boundaries of her new found freedom and stay within the limits. 

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Comment / Questions about Wireless Fences

Sue Samuelson
March 09, 2017

I have 4 acres of wooded property that I would like to be able to have my two dogs, one pointer-lab mix, 55# and a chesapeake 75# be able to run fairly freely in, especially when we are home.
I am having a bit of trouble understanding how these GPS based wireless "fences" work. Do you think that would be an option for us?
thanks, Sue Samuelson



It could be.
With the fence feature of that system, you would set your center GPS coordinate first.
Then you would go out and select where, in relation to the center point, that you want your warning zone to start. Set that GPS coordinate.
Then you would go out even further, to where you want the stimulation zone to start, and set that GPS coordinate.
Then you save your settings, and start your training.

That system will definitely accommodate the sizes of dogs you have.
If you wish to discuss the system further, please feel free to call us at your convenience.


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