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Keeping your pet healthy is a top priority. At FlexPetz, we care about your pup’s wellbeing. Doing everything you can to sustain the energy and happiness of your dog is important. We understand the challenges that can come from keeping your dog fit. There can be space limitations or pre-existing health conditions that make it difficult for your dog to stay in tip-top health. With a dogPacer treadmill, the impossible becomes possible!

dogPacer’s Innovative Products

The dogPacer treadmill was made in conjunction with SAS Mechanical Design group. The treadmill was formed with your pet’s health in mind! The dogPacer treadmill was manufactured as a solution to help your pet through many circumstances. The treadmill itself was developed and created by an actual rocket scientist! The dogPacer’s design was adjusted many times with varying breeds and different sized dogs to ensure it would work with all pets.

While we try to do our best as dog owners, we know that sometimes it’s not an easy task. dogPacer’s amazing products like the dogPacer treadmill provides real solutions to the number of threats your dog faces with their health. While dogs are clearly distinctive from their human counterparts, there are risks to leading an unhealthy lifestyle. dogPacer’s products are a tried and tested fix to many problems that can harm your dog’s health over time.

dogPacer offers abundant solutions for your dog. While the dogPacer treadmill series keeps your dog’s health up, their entire product line is built with your dog’s overall hardiness in mind. Keep your dog at their prime for years to come with dogPacer’s products!

How a dogPacer Treadmill Suits Your Dog

The dogPacer treadmill focuses on many different factors. While keeping your dog fit allows them to live longer than their expectancy, it isn’t always an easy task. With the dogPacer treadmill, a dog who is overweight can work at shedding the pounds in the comfort of your own home.

Your four-legged friend may also have physical limitations that require physical therapy. The dogPacer treadmill series comes built with programmable exercises to assist with all your pooch’s needs! Keep your dog’s joints moving with this wonderful and simple solution.

A dogPacer treadmill may seem like an extravagant option for your pet. While a pet treadmill may seem lavish, having to take your pet to a veterinarian becomes costly and overwhelming when their health isn’t at its peak. Considering the alternative, a dogPacer treadmill can pay for itself through your peace of mind and saving money on vet bills!

dogPacer Treadmill Products

dogPacer treadmills come in a variety of models, including:

●  dogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill: The dogPacer MiniPacer treadmill is designed with smaller dogs in mind. The treadmill can be used for pups up to 55 pounds in weight. It also takes into consideration the space limitations you may have! This compact exercise solution for your pet is ideal for many uses. Whether your dog needs to shed some pounds for their overall health, or they need to build strength, the dogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill is up to the challenge!

●  dogPacer Treadmill: The original dogPacer Treadmill is perfect for dogs up to 180 pounds! Virtually any dogs can use this treadmill. This machine is not only lightweight, but also has collapsible sides for easy storage! You can keep your dog on a regime set by this machine, or program your own routine. Keep your dog in tip-top shape while saving money on vet visits.

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