Plexidor Dog Doors

At FlexPetz, we know that keeping your dog safe while allowing them access to the great outdoors is important to you. We proudly carry an assortment of PlexiDor dog doors for those reasons and many more! PlexiDor has been a leader in dog doors for over 20 years. They have formulated a strong product line for all your needs and various dog breeds!

PlexiDor Product Excellence

PlexiDor’s products come in varying sizes depending on your furry friend. From small cats to large dogs like Great Danes, PlexiDor animal doors will support your pet’s need to go out and explore. They have many amazing benefits to their products, such as:


  • Shatter-resistant door panels
  • Durable and long-lasting aluminum door frames
  • Easy to open and close doors
  • Security features to keep your home safe

Being a pet owner doesn’t have to be difficult with all the wonderful benefits a PlexiDor has to offer. Your pets will feel their freedom and you will be at ease with a PlexiDor dog door!

PlexiDor and Your Dog’s Needs

FlexPetz understands that no two dogs are the same! Each dog is unique and comes with different advantages and challenges. Our PlexiDor dog door selection supports that theory! You may have a pet who has an overactive bladder that requires being taken outside often. While an overactive bladder in your pooch can mean incontinence and further exploration at the vet, you can take the guesswork out of letting your dog go outside when he or she needs to relieve themselves.

Your fuzzy pal may be up there in years. A saloon style dog door may not be the answer for them, but PlexiDor now offers an electronic dog door! All your furry best friend needs is a small sensor attached to their collar and voilà! They can go outside when they feel ready to, and the dog door will open for them with no fuss!

Knowing your dog and their needs is key. PlexiDor products are a wonderful solution for so many situations for you and your pet!

PlexiDor Dog Door Products

PlexiDor offers a wide variety of wonderful products in assorted styles for all breeds and needs that are proudly carried at FlexPetz, like:

  • PlexiDor Door Series: The standard PlexiDor pet door series is immensely popular and extremely well made. This door can be fixed onto any exterior door, including those made of glass! The PlexiDor dog door is suited for dogs of all types of breeds, and comes in variable sizes depending on your pooch. It also features a saloon style open and close, making it easier for your pet to access the outdoors.
  • PlexiDor Wall Series: The PlexiDor wall series is an interesting and impressive option if you want your pet to have access to the outdoors, but don’t have a door to fix the dog door to. This PlexiDor wall series dog door can be placed into various walls up to 12” thick. Brick or cement walls are no problem! This dog door gives your dog the same freedom as the PlexiDor door series dog door with access to a deck or a patio when no door is available!
  • PlexiDor RFID Electronic Door: Have a dog that needs a little extra care? Try the PlexiDor RFID electronic pet door! Powered by a lightweight sensor tag that hangs from your dog’s collar, it will allow your dog inside and outside access without letting any other animals in! Have more than one pet? If you have additional sensors, your pets can navigate their access with ease!
  • PlexiDor Universal Pet Door Awning: PlexiDor’s pet door awning will add supplemental protection to your pup’s door! Keep the outdoor elements outside with this cost-effective pet door awning.

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