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PetSafe products are one of a kind. They have a well diverse team of behaviorists, scientists, veterinarians, pet owners, and trainers that help develop and teach every pet product to make sure it fits their brands expectation.  Pet-lovers also conduct in-home tests with pets and their owners to make sure the product functions correctly and are safe for your pets.

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Comment / Questions about PetSafe®

January 04, 2015

[2:00 PM] Visitor 4528098: I have a pet safe N 13506 pet safe collar and need the charger which one do I order?
[2:00 PM] Customer Service: hi
[2:00 PM] Customer Service has joined the chat.
[2:00 PM] Customer Service: not farmiliar with that model number?
[2:00 PM] Customer Service: is that a yardmax collar?
[2:01 PM] Visitor 4528098: pet safw
[2:01 PM] Customer Service: for a wired fence system...just wondeing if you got that number off the collar
[2:01 PM] Customer Service: usually those numbers are not the model numbers
[2:01 PM] Visitor 4528098: it is for a wireless fence system
[2:02 PM] Customer Service: is it a stay and play system or the regular verison
[2:02 PM] Visitor 4528098: yes
[2:02 PM] Customer Service: one sec let me find a link for you
[2:02 PM] Visitor 4528098: regular
[2:02 PM] Customer Service:
[2:03 PM] Customer Service: thats the stay and play recharable wireless fence chargeer
[2:03 PM] Visitor 4528098: it is the regular sorry
[2:03 PM] Customer Service: hmm the regular isn't recharable its battery operated
[2:04 PM] Visitor 4528098: I bought the collar from a friend
[2:04 PM] Customer Service: does the collar look like this
[2:04 PM] Visitor 4528098: she has one and it is much better then the batteries
[2:05 PM] Visitor 4528098: yes it looks like that
[2:05 PM] Customer Service: ok that first charge i sent you is the one you need than
[2:05 PM] Customer Service:
[2:05 PM] Visitor 4528098: ok, thanks!
[2:05 PM] Customer Service: sure good luck
[2:05 PM] Customer Service has left.
[2:08 PM] Visitor 4528098 has left.


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