PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Dog Fence - 1000 Feet of 16 Gauge Upgraded eXtreme Wire (3 DOG)

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The PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence with 1000 Feet of eXtreme Wire Upgrade

Improve the life of your electric dog fence investment by ordering it with the included wire upgraded to a high quality. This eXtreme brand wire comes insulated and protected in a polyethylene jacket that is 3 times as thick as the PVC jacket that comes on the typical factory packaged wire.

Where most wire lasts a handful of years, before you are out trying to locate the signal break due to extreme weather, moisture, or oxidation breakdown, -eXtreme wire will last for 20 years or more (even in extreme cold or heat). This wire can be submerged without issue, and allow your dog access to his favorite swimming spot without being corrected for doing so.

The PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable Electric Dog Fence The YardMax system boasts one of the most compact and lightweight collars on the market, yet still manages one of the highest maximum correction settings as well as individual correction levels for each collar on the system, so its a great choice for most breeds and an equally good choice for single and multi-dog households.

In YardMax mode, the correction zone extends infinitely on the outside of your boundary wire to maximize yard space while making it more difficult for your dog to run through.

  • 1000 Feet of eXtreme Brand 16 Gauge Wire Upgrade, for 20+ Years of Reliable Performance Without Degradation
  • Solidly Built and Geared Toward Most Dogs, 10-150 lbs., Compatible With PetSafe Indoor Pet Barriers, Unlimited Dog Capacity (With Purchase of Additional Collars)
  • Can be Expanded to Contain up to Up To 25 Acres With the Purchase of More Wire
  • Expandable Electric Fence System Can Accommodate Any Number of Dogs with the Addition of Collars
  • Unique Correction Levels for All Dogs on the System (5 Correction Levels to meet your needs)

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