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The wait is finally over! SportDOG® has created a much desired system that combines the functionality of a remote trainer, with a quality containment system. Only one collar is needed per dog, which allows both the training and containment functions to be rolled all into one. The SportDOG® Contain and Train™ System includes a handheld device, to control the remote training functions of the SportDOG® containment collars. The SportDOG® dog fence transmitter, which can be mounted on the wall, controls the functionality of your electric dog fence. The SportDog® Contain and Train™ System allows up to 3 dogs to be trained with its remote training function. It allows an unlimited number of dogs to be simultaneously contained on the fence, with the purchase of additional Add-a-Dog Collar Receivers.


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Do you need an electric dog fence that doubles as a remote trainer? Look no further than the SportDOG® Contain and Train™ System. The SportDOG® brand has long been a trusted name in both training and containment solutions. It is no wonder that they were able to successfully merge the two technologies together to create a dual system that runs on just one collar. Let’s take a minute to separately examine the training and containment functions that it features.

Training Your Dogs

You have a choice whether you want to train your dog in or out of your containment area. When the system is in “Training Mode,” only the training feature is activated, so you can train your dog wherever you choose. However, if you want to train your dog within your containment area while keeping him in the yard, you can choose “Containment and Training Mode.”

In regards to training, you can use the handheld remote transmitter for many different purposes. Use the tone only mode to reward and reinforce positive behaviors in your dog. On the other hand, perhaps you are trying to teach your dog to not do certain things, such as jumping on people or digging in your yard for example. In cases like these, using the remote transmitter you can deliver a correction in the form of a static shock, or you can choose a warning vibration instead. As seven levels of static correction are available, you can tailor the correction level specifically to each of your dogs. The remote training function allows 3 dogs to be trained on the system.

Containing Your Dogs

In Containment Mode, a series of things happen when your dog approaches the boundary. First, a warning tone is heard and a vibration is felt. Next, a static correction is delivered through the collar. Just like the training feature, you are able to choose from 7 different correction levels. Again, like the training feature you can choose different correction levels for each dog that you have.

This kit comes with everything that you need to contain your dog(s) on one acre of land or less. However, this SportDog® transmitter is powerful enough to contain up to 100 acres of land, with the purchase of additional dog fence wire. This transmitter can easily and discreetly be mounted on the wall.

You will always know the status of your rechargeable batteries, as both the collar receivers and the remote transmitter have low battery indicator lights on them. Another great thing is that the SportDog® transmitter features built-in lightning protection. Should you ever have a wire break, the transmitter will sound an audible alarm to make you aware of the situation.

The receiver collar that comes with your SportDOG® Contain and Train™ System is rugged, waterproof and submersible. It is designed to fit dogs that weigh 10 pounds or more.


What Is Included

  • One Collar Receiver on a 1-Inch Black Collar Strap
  • One Dog Fence Transmitter
  • One Remote Transmitter for Training
  • 1,000 Feet of 20-Gauge Wire
  • 100 Boundary Flags
  • Charging Adaptors
  • Standard Contact Points
  • Long Contact Points for Dogs With Longer Hair
  • Lanyard
  • Test Light Tool
  • Basic Training Manual and DVD


  • For dogs 10 pounds and up
  • 7 correction levels are available for both training and containment modes, in addition to vibration and tone options.
  • Training Mode can be used on up to 3 dogs.
  • Choose from low, medium or high training selections. Momentary, nick and continuous stimulation types are available.
  • Containment mode can be used on an unlimited number of dogs with the purchase of additional Add-A-Dog Collar Receivers.
  • When collar is in “Training Mode,” containment function is deactivated so that you can train your dog safely in whatever area you desire.
  • When collar is in “Containment and Training Mode,” you can train and contain your dog simultaneously.
  • Fully waterproof collar receiver can be submersed completely.
  • In containment mode, collar will emit tone and vibration as your dog approaches the boundary, and then will deliver a static correction, according to the level you have chosen.
  • Transmitter features built-in lightning protection.
  • Features battery indicators on the remote transmitter and collars.
  • Both the collar receiver(s) and the handheld trainer are rechargeable.

Handheld Transmitter with antenna - 1.7"L X 1.0"W X 5.3"H

Fence Transmitter - 7.4"L X 2.6"W X 9.5"H

Collar Receiver without strap - 3.4"L X 1.4"W X 1.6"H


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