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Compatible Collars & Straps

Invisible Fence® Brand R21 Computer Collars are extremely expensive and not as feature-rich as the compatible Perimeter Technologies dog fence collar. Invisible Fence® Brand dog fence systems use proprietary collars and batteries, which they sell at very high prices. Many people invest in an Invisible Fence® Brand dog fence system without realizing how quickly the cost of the proprietary components will add up. 

Perimeter Technologies has developed a dog fence collar that is 100% compatible with Invisible Fence® Brand 700 Series (and older) Dog Fences. The Perimeter Technologies collar is smaller and lighter, completely waterproof, and features comfort contact points and progressive correction. Most importantly, this Invisible Fence® Compatible Collar is available at a fraction of the price of the proprietary computer collars. The collar is available in either 7K or 10K frequency to match the frequency of your dog fence. 

Replacement Invisible Fence® nylon collar straps are also available. Please see the product pages for details on collar strap compatibility. 

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Comment / Questions about Compatible Collars & Straps

Randy Sjoquist
March 02, 2015

Is there a collar that is compatible with the Boundary Plus MicroLite Computer Collar?


Unfortunately we don't carry any compatible collars for that Invisible fence system. Maybe you'd be interested in trying our Invisible Fence Trade-In Program

say goodbye to the pricey proprietary components and service fees associated with your professionally installed electric dog fence. You can trade in your Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch® or Pet Stop® brand dog fence for a $50.00 credit towards any DIY Dog Fence from Flexpetz.com

December 10, 2015

I have a very old Invisible Fence Brand and need a replacement receiver for model # HDU 6500 receiver-I'm Not sure if that is the series number.Are any of your collars compatible?


Hello Fredric,
Thank you so much for reaching out to us.
For the replacement receivers for Invisible fence they are compatible with these systems:
Model #: ICT-50 ( Blue Case)
Model #: ICT-75 ( Blue Case)
Model #: ICT-150
Model #: ICT-100 ( Blue Case)
Model #: ICT-100A (Blue Case)
Model #: ICT-250 ( Blue Case)
Model #: ICT-700 (Gray Case)
Model #: ICT-725 (Gray Case)
Model #: ICT-750 (Gray Case)
Model #: ICT-775 (Gray Case)
Model #: AT-950 Indoor Transmitter
Model #: CT-4000
Invisible Gate
Model #: ICT-50 (Blue Case)
NOT COMPATIBLE with 800 Series Invisible Fence® Transmitters

If you system is not on this list we do not have any else that would be compatible.

I do have another option for you Fredric.
What kind of dog do you have and how much property do you have contained?
I can get you in our invisible fence trade in program and get you a collar and a transmitter for less then the price of a collar for your system.
Give me a call and I can further the details with you or just send me an email and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


Julie Angulo
"Dog Fence Tech"
800-396-5517 FREE FREE Toll Free

We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

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