Invisible Fence Collar - 700 Series Compatible Replacement Collar


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Frequency Selection:

Once you've determined that you do have a compatible system, you'll need to verify the frequency your system is running on. The image below illustrates the location of the frequency indicator switch in your transmitter. Please indicate the frequency your system uses in the dropdown box above to ensure you receive a properly configured Invisible Fence collar.

Invisible Fence Brand Transmitter


 Invisible Fence Replacement Collar Features

Use the chart below to determine if you have a 700 or 800 Series System

Invisible Fence compatible transmitter chart.

If you have Invisible Fences newest system Boundaries Plus, our compatible collar will also not function with this system, as pictured below.

  • Made in USA
  • 4 Progressive Correction Levels
  • Anti-Linger Technology
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Natural Rubber Comfort Contacts
  • Waterproof & Submersible
  • 1.1 oz


Compatible With:

  • Model #: ICT-50 ( Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-75 ( Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-150
  • Model #: ICT-100 ( Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-100A (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-250 ( Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-700 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-725 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-750 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-775 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: AT-950 Indoor Transmitter
  • Model #: CT-4000
  • Invisible Gate
  • Model #: ICT-50 (Blue Case)
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with 800 Series Invisible Fence® Transmitters


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Customer Reviews (13)
Your website

I'm in Canada a found your blog very helpful and honest. I do have an Invisible fence system but it is a 800 serie therefore not compatible. Is this still accurate information or you now have collar that fit with the 800 series ?

If not thanks anyway . Quick question, if a buy a used collar on EBay that does fit my 800 series will i need to get it programmed by the invisible fence dealer or it will automatically work on my system ? Invisible fence dealers are extremely expense !!!

Best regards
Review by Eric (Posted on 2/26/2017)
This dog collar is amazing.
This Invisible Fence collar is great and very affordable. This collar is amazing. It works perfectly. When I bought the collar initially I realized that the collar is high quality and would last for years to come. This collar fit my dogs well and work like a charm. The pricing is fair and the quality is excellent. I recommend this Invisible Fence to owners who want to save money by purchasing this collar. I am still excited about this great collar.

Rozay D.
Nashville, TN

Review by Rozay D. (Posted on 5/27/2015)
This collar is fantastic.
This collar is great. I have an invisible fence and needed an extra collar for a second dog. I have looked for a long time online for a compatible collar for a good price. I discovered FlexPetz. The collar has meet all of my needs. The price point is great and the collar is high quality. It was good to find a collar that works with my invisible dog fence system. Overall I am very happy with this collar.

Nicky J.
Tucson, AZ
Review by Nicky J. (Posted on 5/17/2015)
Awesome replacement collar.
I am very satisfied that I bought this collar. While looking online for a seller I found FlexPetz. The customer support person I spoke with was very helpful and pleasant to speak with. I found they are very knowledgeable. There was no pressure from the customer support person to buy the product. The collar was reasonably priced and shipping is free. The free shipping has made me a repeat customer with FlexPetz. Thank you FlexPetz.

Mary P.
San Francisco, CA
Review by Mary P. (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Very good collar. Nice style and very low cost.
Much less expensive than going straight to Invisible Fence, the company.
This collar works perfectly and is a bit smaller than the other collars on the Invisible Fence.
I had never heard of Perimeter Technologies until I went directly to Flexpetz. They told my how this collar works well with the older systems that Invisible Fence makes.
I found out that this is actually a better value and nicer design than the IF versions.
I also like that you can get these without having to go directly to the company, so I don't feel like you're so tied down to them.
I would recommend this collar to all who need a replacement for their Invisible Fence collar.

Gatlinburg, Tn
Review by David Mesa (Posted on 3/31/2015)
What a lifesaver
I am very happy I ordered this collar. I rid off the other people because of their poor customer service and when their collar stopped working, they were the last people I wanted to speak with. I called into this company who were very pleasant and I told them my situation. They offered me another option of buying another system but I am not ready for that and there was no pressure what so ever about that. I was not pushed into another purchase instead I was lead to this collar that would work with my current system. I will be considering another system in the future, but I just wanted to mention that the staff and this product helped me out so very much!

Helga G.
Cleveland, OH
Review by Helga Grummin (Posted on 3/20/2015)
Nice Alternative
We have had the invisible fence for quite a few years now and after paying the ridiculous replacement costs for their proprietary equipment I decided to search for an alternative on the internet and came across this site. Just make sure to pick the right frequency as I don't think ours has the switch as shown on this page.

Jimmy C.
Hampton, Nj
Review by Jimmy C. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Ordered Wrong Collar but 100% Satisfied with Service
I ordered the 10K frequency collar for my Invisible Fence and did not realize that I ordered the wrong collar for my transmitter. When it came it I was completely disappointing that it did not work and I called up Flexpetzs where they gave me two options. I could return the collar and get the 7K at no additional cost or I could try a simple resolution before going through that process. I decided to try what they had suggested and it worked just fine since I only had one dog and one collar. SO overall I am a VERY happy customer! Review by Jeff Rickoy (Posted on 11/28/2014)
Great quality replacement collar
Really fast shipping. Nice quality light collar! Just what I need to replace old, invisible fence brand collar. Glad i bought it. If I get another dog, I know where I'm coming for additional collars. Review by Roland M (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Good quality
I needed a new invisible fence collar to replace a collar we had for our dog. It was lost and we looked for weeks to find it. I knew it would be several hundred dollars for a new collar from my local dealer. Times are tight, so I wanted to see if I could find something cheaper.

This collar was just what I was looking for. It was much more reasonable in price than the local guy. I ordered it and it works just fine with my fence. My dog is back in the yard and I saved some money. Very happy with the quality.
Review by Robert (Posted on 1/2/2013)
Wallet friendly!
I needed a collar for my new puppy. I called my local invisible fence rep for a new collar. He told me it would be $350! I love my dog, but $350 is a lot of money! I decided to search online to come up with an alternative. I found this collar! It works perfectly with my existing fence. The collar was also almost $200 cheaper. This collar is every bit as well made as the original collar. A+ Review by Sandra (Posted on 12/11/2012)
Compatible collar
This collar Is a great addition to my already purchased invisible fence system. It works as if it was made for my fence and I can’t say one bad thing about it. Both of my dogs a running fence free because of
-June Rash, NV
Review by JUNE (Posted on 10/14/2012)
Great collar
“ I was happy to hear that I could get a compatible collar to go with my invisible fence I owned. I was actually a bit surprised to find that I worked this well with my current fence. The price I pad for this collar was two times cheaper than the price I paid for my fence so to me it was a not a difficult choice to make. Over the collar is great and worth every dime."
Evan Tike, Flint, MI
Review by Evan (Posted on 9/14/2012)
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