Why DIY Dog Fence?

When the first electric dog fence hit the market back in the mid 1970’s it had to be professionally installed. Nowadays we have more than just that option. There are still quality electric dog fences that must be professionally installed; the difference is that now there are also DIY fence kits that work equally well and cost far less.

So, Why DIY?

It’s better for your wallet!

A professionally installed system like Invisible Fence®  or Dog Watch® will cost around $1500 for an average size yard and one dog. A great DIY system will cost around $300 (you can add about $50 if you want to rent a trencher to install the wire). With a DIY electric dog fence you’re saving over $1000 right off the bat.

In addition to the initial cost of purchase and installation, changing settings or locating and repairing a wire break in a professionally installed system will require a house call by a technician and can cost upwards of $100 each time. With a DIY fence you can change the settings or locate and repair wire breaks on your own, potentially saving yourself a lot of money.


Invisible Fence power cap

Save $$$ On Batteries

In addition to the expensive installation and repair fees, if you go with a professionally installed fence you will need to purchase the proprietary collar batteries from that company. You can save yourself the $70-$100 a year and the hassle by choosing a DIY electric dog fence that offers rechargeable batteries or runs on generic store-bought sizes. You will save an average of $750 over the life of your fence by installing a DIY Electric dog fence system.



Do it yourself dog fencing


It’s A Simple DIY Project!

Pet fence installation is a relatively simple single day or weekend project. The time it will take depends on the size of your area and the complexity of the layout you’ve planned. In general the entire planning and installation process takes about 5-6 hours for an average sized yard. The project doesn’t require a lot of DIY experience and is easy to complete using the included system manual and our helpful Dog Fence Installation Guide.


invisible fence replacement collar

Save Big On Long Term Costs

Aside from the expensive service calls and high priced proprietary power caps™ that you need to continue operating your professionally installed dog fence system, you may someday get another dog or lose your dog fence collar. While most scenarios are covered under warranty such as manufacturer's defects and dog chews, other situations like loss, theft, or damage are not covered. If this happens or you need to add another dog, be prepared to spend $250-$500 for training and a receiver collar. Most DIY kit collars are covered under a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and cost only $60-$100 to replace. You will save 1/3 of the cost and training is a snap with our easy Training Instructions.

There’s Value In Understanding Your System!

Installing the system yourself is a great way to familiarize yourself with the components of a dog fence and how it operates. This understanding will make it easier for you to troubleshoot problems and use your system without help. While professionally installed systems work well and are generally competently installed, no one knows your property or your dog like you do. Installing the system and training your dog will leave you feeling satisfied that the work was done well! Should you have a wire break or need to change the signal field (as in the case of a heavy snowfall) you’ll be able to do it yourself rather than spending time and money on a house call from the pet fence company.

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