eXtreme Dog Fence Waterproof Splice Kits (6 pack)

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eXtreme Dog Fence

Partial wire breaks can be a long term problem if you don't use the proper connections and splices. The most common types of wire breaks result from improperly sealed splices. Over time, rust and corrosion compromise the splices and cause your dog fence to malfunction.

Before you begin splicing wire, it will be helpful to you to take note the locations of all splices for future reference. If you ever have a wire break, these most often happen at a splice and it will be helpful to you to be able to find your splices easily if this ever happens.


The Best Underground Pet Fence Wire Connector!

The vast majority of electric dog fence installations will require the joining of separate sections of wire to create a continuous loop. Waterproof wire splices are required to safely and effectively join boundary wire segments. Most electric dog fence kits include a couple of these waterproof wire splices, but chances are you’ll need more than are provided.

  • Waterproof Wire Splice Connector
  • Pre-Filled With Grease And Silicone
  • Oring Protection Double Sealed

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