Standard Grade 18-Gauge Dog Fence Wire


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How much dog fence wire do I need?



A 500 foot continuous spool of dog fence wire is great for either replacing, repairing, or upgrading the lower quality wire the manufacturer packages with most dog fence kits. If you're purchasing a DIY dog fence kit for the first time, you can upgrade the lower quality wire right from the start by selecting a higher quality wire from the drop-down on the dog fence kit product page. 

If you've already purchased your dog fence kit, it's still not too late to protect your investment. Using a higher quality wire with a better jacket is the best way to protect the integrity of your electric dog fence system. Moisture is the enemy of dog fence wire. Moisture and hot/cold weather cycles can have a particularly devastating effect on the low quality 20-gauge wire that manufacturers package with thei DIY dog fence kits. Manufacturer wire has a thin, vinyl jacket that is only water resistent and quite susceptible to cracking and degrading over time. 

Our high quality 18-gauge wire features a 30 mil polyethylene plastic coating that is fully waterproof and resilient. We offer wire in either solid or stranded core. 

  • 500 ft. to 5000 ft. Continuous Spool
  • 18-Gauge
  • Underground Rated
  • Compatible With All Dog Fence Systems

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