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Dog Fence Boundary Kits

We’ve made expanding your in-ground electric dog fence a cinch with pre-packaged wire kits. When you need more wire, splices, and training flags than your DIY dog fence included you can easily purchase one of our kits. These wire kits include all the necessary supplies to expand your electric dog fence by 1/3 acres (500 linear feet).

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Comment / Questions about Dog Fence Boundary Kits

January 04, 2015

I do have a few initial questions.

Is there is a maximum bury depth for the wire. We get a lot of frost and with our soil conditions I have a neighbor who has had his wire start coming out of the ground in a few places. I think he only buried it a few inches and I'd like to bury it 8-12 inches. Would that reduce the functionality of the system or the signal strength?

Is there an easy way to just do the back yard while still having a non-restricted area for the back slider door? I've looked for layouts online and none of them seem to cover this scenario.



Hi there is no maximum or minimal depth requirements, the signal will transmit regardless of how shallow or deep you bury it. The signal transmits in a radius around the wire, so just keep in mind if you bury it a foot deep you will lose 1 foot of radius, but this is an easy enough problem to fix, in such a case you would just want to turn the range adjustment up a notch or two to compensate for any variance.

In regards to your question about just doing the back yard only. Yes this can be accomplished by doing a double loop separating the wires by at least 4-10 feet depending on the field range of your system, but I would advise to use the pinch method and find a way to sneak in the front yard, We have been installing underground fences for over 20 years and have never run into a situation where we could not sneak around the front. Give us a call if you are not sure and we can pull a google maps image up and give you some suggestions. You can also refer to this page for additional dog fencing layouts

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