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High Tech Pet

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For Dogs 5 Lbs and Up

The BLUEFANG® X-22 system requires either an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone. Added features will be released as they are developed, tested, and approved.

Ready for dog training technology that soars above the competition? Look no further than the BLUEFANG® X-22 3-in-1 Contain, Train and Bark Control System. Perhaps you have heard of electric dog fences, remote trainers and bark collars. However, have you ever heard of one device that accomplishes all three?

Simply put, there is nothing quite like the BLUEFANG® X-22 3-in-1 Contain, Train and Bark Control System. What makes it so unique is that you control all of its functions with ease, just by downloading an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Your phone then becomes the remote which controls the training device, the bark control function and the electronic dog fence.



Electric Fence Function

An electric dog fence is a great way to protect your dog from harm, without having to worry about erecting an expensive and unsightly traditional fence. Here’s how it works. You plant or bury a wire around your property, which defines the line where you don’t want your dog to cross.

When your dog approaches the boundary, this fence will issue a brief warning stimulation to warn him to back up. Should he continue forward, your dog will receive a correction that is more intense. This type of progressive correction is ideal, because it adapts to your dog’s specific temperament. For example, some dogs will respond to the initial correction, where others will need the stronger correction to turn back.

Training Feature

The BLUEFANG® X-22 will also help you teach your dog obedience and reinforce commands. With its advanced COMMAND-TONE-STIMULUS™ function, positive tones are used to teach your dog how to sit, come and heel for example. In addition to the positive tones, you can choose to deliver an instant correction to your dog, via your smartphone. You are able to adjust both the intensity of the stimulation and its duration. This is helpful for times when you need to correct your dog for unwanted behavior. The collar’s BLUEFANG® technology will allow you to reward or correct your dog from up to 400 feet away.

Bark Control

Your dog’s receiver collar also becomes a bark control collar, after you have activated it from your smartphone. A mini microphone on the collar along with its advanced sensing equipment works to effectively detect your dog’s bark, never giving your dog false corrections. It can even tell the difference between nuisance barking and alarmed barking. If you wish to make sure your dog is able to bark for an emergency, you are able to set the collar as such. If one of your dog’s favorite pastimes is howling, you can set the collar to respond to this as well. Depending on what you select, your dog will hear a tone, receive a static correction or both.

Health, Fitness & Activity Monitor

Ensure your best pal stays in good health with the activity monitor feature. You can use the smartphone app to enter your dog's breed, gender, height, and weight. This specialized feature will calculate your dog's ideal BMI (body mass index), and relay his or her fitness level right to your screen.

Beyond that, the collar's sensors will track your dog's activity level and display exactly how much exercise he or she is getting. This information is invaluable in designing an exercise program that will optimize your dog's health and keep him or her as fit and healthy as possible. This makes for a happy doggie and happy owner.


The BLUEFANG® system will have additional features developed and released to all owners, as free downloads to their smartphone, in the future. You are not only investing in a multiple function system, but also in the utmost safety, well being, and happiness of your best friend. The BLUEFANG® is the future of pet-friendly technology, and the most versatile system available today.




BLUEFANG X-22 Package Includes


500 ft. of 20-gauge ultra-wire™
50 Boundary Flags
3 Waterproof Wire Splices
Transmitter Control Box
1 Receiver Collar
2 Sets Of Collar Prongs (long and short)
Instruction Manual





SportDOG Fence Collar Features Waterproof: The 3 in 1 collar included in the BLUEFANG® X-22 package is completely waterproof, so if your dog likes to take the occasional dip, it will not increase or negatively impact the correction that the dog receives when crossing the line.

Individual Correction: The system can accommodate any number of dogs with the purchase of additional receiver collars. The correction level for each collar is set individually, on your smartphone's graphical display, so the system is good for dogs of differing sizes or temperaments. The collars have 99 levels of progressive static correction as well as well as a "pulse- proportional stimulus" feature, which will all your dog's stubbornness to dictate how strong of a correction your dog receives before returning to his containment area. The audible warning and stimulation increase as the dog continues into the 'no doggie zone'.

Multiple Prongs Included: The BF-22 BLUEFANG® 3 in 1 collar includes one set of each long and short prongs. Long prongs are best for long haired dogs and short prongs are ideal for shorter coats.

Proprietary Collar Battery: Because the collar was designed with a smaller physical profile in mind, the battery that powers it is a proprietary battery that is not typically available in a convenience store or hardware store. The BF-3V battery comes with a plastic cap attached, so that you can easily unscrew it from the collar with a small coin, and replace it without any ambiguity as to the polarity.




BLUEFANG® X-22 Transmitter Features 51 Acre Capacity: Though one of the newer systems available on the market, the transmitter boasts a maximum coverage of up to 51 acres. All you need is enough wire to accommodate your coverage needs.

Illuminated Control Panel: White many in-ground fence transmitters will give you a few lights to let you know what the status of your fence system is, this TX-2 transmitter has an easy to read, fully illuminated control panel that continually shows what the system status is, as well as the battery condition, loop continuity, and which power mode it's in.


Waterproof: Where else have you seen an in-ground fence transmitter that you can mount outdoors, without the added expense of a waterproof containment box, to protect the internal electronics from rain, humidity, or other external source of moisture? The transmitter included with the X-22 has taken that into account and manufactured a water-sealed housing, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for mounting locations.


Optional Battery Backup: The BLUEFANG® X-22 system is one of the few in-ground fence systems out there that still has the option of a battery backup system. The TX-2 transmitter has a compartment where you can add an optional, rechargeable backup battery (model: B12V-0.8). That way, you can be sure that your containment area remains active during brown outs, for up to a 24 hour period.




SmartPhone Required: Finally!!! A multi-feature system that is run via your smartphone. That's right. You will need to own an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone in order to take advantage of this feature rich system. The X-22 is in constant developement and will have more features being released as they are tested and approved for the system. Not only is your system run and controlled by your smartphone, but also -The new features will be downloaded to your system via the same smartphone. No subscription fees, no "per-feature" fees. No hassle. This takes your fence/trainer/bark control/etc. system into the future with endless growth potential.


iPhone App Download Android App Download
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Select the App download option above, as per your smartphone type.

Bluefang® X-22 Features

  • It is an electric fence, remote trainer and bark collar all rolled into one!
  • BLUEFANG® technology allows you to control and track your dog’s activity through its easy-to-use smartphone app. Your phone becomes a remote transmitter. It keeps a record of every time your dog has challenged the boundary or has been corrected for excessive barking.
  • Works with both iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Progressive correction levels prevent your dog from running through the boundary
  • Comes with high-quality ULTRA-WIRE™, which is a solid core copper wire encased in an extra-thick covering that is designed to withstand the elements
  • X-22 dog fence transmitter is fully waterproof, allowing you to mount it outdoors if you wish
  • Bark control feature is designed with safety “time outs” to keep your dog from becoming overstimulated
  • Collar is small, lightweight and waterproof
  • Activate your remote trainer from up to 400 feet away
  • Emergency barking is recognized and permitted by the bark control function
  • With the purchase of additional collars, you are able to train and contain an unlimited number of dogs with one smartphone
  • Stimulus levels are customizable for every dog on the system
  • Future upgrades to your system will become automatically available as new features are added


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Customer Reviews (2)
This is fantastic. I have been looking all over for both a fence and trainer in one system
I used to have the Innotek Contain and Train fence/trainer system. However, the collar broke and I couldn't find a new one for under $300.
I called all over and asked if there was another similar system on the market, but couldn't find anything for less than $600. Then I called Flexpetz and they told me they just got this Bluefang system in and that I was the first person to see and call about the package. Turns out I was also the first one to buy one, and I love the thing. The collar is much smaller than my Innotek was and it does much more.
The best part is that I control everything from my Android phone. This system is superb. I'm very happy.
Review by Todd Pilas (Posted on 1/20/2016)
Great Product
The First system I have seen to function from my phone, so I gave it a try and love it, recommending to everyone. Also like that is covers such a large area. Review by Phillip Smith (Posted on 12/21/2015)
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