History Of Invisible Fence

The product we have come to know as an Invisible Fence® was invented in suburban Philadelphia in 1973. A traveling salesman named Richard Peck saw an opportunity to help keep dogs out of roads and other trouble.  In his travels, Mr. Peck saw many dogs that we injured or unfortunately killed running out into the streets.

invisible fence patent

Richard Peck inventor of Invisible Fence Brand

An avid dog lover who also enjoyed tinkering with electronics, Mr. Peck spent many hours working with an electronic engineer experimenting with different components. After many tries, they came up with a winning idea. That idea was the first patented Invisible Fence®

The concept consisted of three parts: a base unit or transmitter box mounted indoors, a receiver collar for the dog to wear, and a wire placed around the perimeter of the homeowner’s property. The transmitter box generated a coded signal. That coded signal was transmitted through the wire that was buried in the ground; The receiver collar was worn on the dog’s neck. The collar would deliver an electric stimulus to the dog if he attempted to cross the boundary wire.

Mr. Peck was concerned about the short and long term effects of delivering this stimulus to animals.  He partnered with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to research the short and long term effects on a dog using this type of fence. The study showed that there were no negative health concerns (both short and long term) for a dog using the Invisible Fence®.

The late 1970’s gave birth to the phenomenon known as suburban sprawl.These new planned communities often had deed restrictions on physical fencing and dog pens. The restrictions made these communities the perfect market for electric dog fences. The dog fences gave the opportunity to homeowners to have a dog, give him access to the yard and follow the rules of their community.

The first dog fences were sold by mail order and catalogs. Sales were slow in the beginning. Invisible Fence® enjoyed coverage in two respected magazines, Dogs and Dog Fancy.  Mr. Peck retired and sold his company in the 1980’s.  A group of Philadelphia based investors purchased the rights and the modern Invisible Fence® was born.

Today’s consumers have many choices in electric pet containment. They can choose a professionally installed system such as Invisible Fence Brand®, Pet Stop®, or Dogwatch®.  Dog owners can also save a significant sum of money by opting for a do-it-yourself system . All of these choices are the result of a traveling salesman who saw the opportunity to improve the quality of a dog’s life. See more reasons to take the DIY approach here!