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Havahart Fence Collars

Havahart Brand offers three unique electric dog fences and each has it’s own corresponding collars. Havahart collars are water resistant and lightweight. The wireless dog fence system collars feature rechargeable batteries while the in-ground wired system collar utilizes user replaceable lithium batteries. All Havahart collars offer multiple levels of correction allowing you to customize the correction level to suit your particular dog in terms of her size and her temperament.

  • Havahart collars are perfect for replacing a lost collar, upgrading from an older model, or adding a new dog to your system. The Havahart Radial Wireless system offers two compatible collars – one made specifically for small dogs, making it convenient to add a littler dog to your canine family.

    The Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape2 Collar offers compatibility with both the Radial-Shape2 as well as the older Havahart Radial Wireless Dog Fence. The collar is water resistant, fully rechargeable, and offers 5 adjustable correction levels plus a tone only training mode.

    The Havahart Radial-Shape2 Small Dog Collar offers the exact same feature list as the original Radial-Shape Collar in addition to a smaller collar band designed specifically for littler dogs.

    The Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Collar is fully rechargeable, water resistant and each collar is individually programmable to one of 5 correction levels for each of the dogs on the system (maximum of 2 dogs). The Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Collar also serves as a real-time tracking collar, communicating with the system transmitter 10 times per second to show the location of your dogs. 

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