eXtreme Dog Fence® Brand 14-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (3000 ft)

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eXtreme Dog Fence

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eXtreme™ Brand  Dog Fence Wire protects your in-ground electric dog fence from wire breaks that leave your dogs unprotected. Wire breaks are the number one functionality problem people experience with their in-ground dog fence system. Most electric dog fence transmitters are reliable, well-made units and they rarely break or malfunction. Unfortunately, the factory-grade wire that manufacturers package with their electric dog fence kits is a thin, low-quality wire. While this wire will transmit a signal and work just fine for a while, the thin vinyl jacket and high-gauge wire is increasingly susceptible to damage and corrosion as time goes on. 

eXtreme™ Wire is a higher quality, universal dog fence wire. The  polyethylene jacket is more durable than the manufacturer wire even in harsh conditions like rocky soil, heavily treed areas, and freeze/thaw cycles. 

Wire breaks are a time-consuming hassle, especially in larger installations. Additionally, fixing the wire break requires cutting out the broken section and splicing in a new piece of wire. Splices are never as durable as solid, continuous wire, so it's best to avoid them. 

Investing in eXtreme™ dog fence wire upfront will increase the initial cost of your in-ground dog fence system, but we assure you it is money well spent to protect the future of your investment. 

  • 14-Gauge Wire
  • Solid Core
  • 3000 ft. Continuous Spool
  • .060mil LD Polyethylene Triple Coating
  • Universal Dog Fence Wire (works with all brands)
  • Made In the U.S.A.
  • Burial Grade, Waterproof Wire
  • UV Resistant For Surface Installations

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Customer Reviews (2)
This wire by Extreme brand is the best dog fencing wire that is available, and I'm using it on my own fence.
I have to replace the older existing wire in my dog fence system, and wanted to put in the good stuff at the new house.
The best wire that is recommended for these kinds of fence kits is the 14 gauge wire.
Flexpetz carries that wire with a thicker insulation coating over it, so that is why I opted to get my wire from them. We have two areas we need to setup wire in, at the new location. A 3000 foot spool will cover both locations so I just decided to get a single continuous spool, use what I need at the main house, and then use the remaining wire out at the 2nd location.
Flexpetz must be doing something correctly, as they have lots of positive reviews on this Extreme brand wire. I'm glad that the prices are reasonable and the employees are there to help out 7 days per week. I worked with Davin and got right where I needed to be with this spool of wire.
I plan on doing the swap out as soon as the weather is kind enough to us.
One thing I want to mention is that this wire is not covered in PVC, like lots of other wire. This stuff is covered in polyethylene, which stands up to cold and heat very well.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my new wire spool. Just wish it were already in place.

Concord, NH

Review by Marquisa Marconi (Posted on 5/11/2015)
Super spool of wire
I was told a continuous spool of wire is important when installing an electric dog fence. I needed enough wire to cover 9 acres. I expected to need 3 spools of a 1000 yards but FLEXPETZ.com had a single spool of (3000 ft.) the best wire I could find. They even had 3500 ft in stock. They call there premium wire Extreme. It is a 14 gauge w/ 060 mill polyethylene coating that is designed for direct ground burial. Nice stuff if you want your fence to work for over a decade without replacement. I just got a puppy and intend on keeping him safely within our yard for the next 15 years. I only want to do this once so it seems like the logical choice. So far I am very impressed. The price was reasonable, the quality is excellent and the single spool was a bonus. Review by Joe D. (Posted on 1/10/2013)
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