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A fusion of style and practicality, the Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain holds up to 1 gallon of water for your pets. Its replaceable, 3-layer charcoal filter removes all traces of contaminants that can cause bad tastes and odors. It has a wide, hygienic stainless steel bowl which provides plenty of room for your pets to share drinking space.

Water cascades gracefully in a free-falling stream, enticing your pets to enjoy the fresh, clean water. Designed for indoor use only, the unit is dishwasher-safe once the pump has been removed. Its 12V submersible pump runs whisper quiet, allowing the sound and splash of falling water to be the only sound. The free-falling stream of water draws vital oxygen into the water supply. Because the water is always circulating, growth of bacteria between cleanings is inhibited.


  • Has a 1-Gallon Water Capacity
  • Patented Design
  • Free-Falling Stream Entices Pets to Drink More Often
  • Bad Tastes and Odors are Removed with the Replaceable Charcoal Filter
  • Low-Voltage, 12V Submersible Pump Offers Safe and Quiet Operation
  • Dishwasher-Safe (When the Pump is Removed)
  • BPA-Free and UL Listed
  • Safe for Indoor Use

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