Nelson Automatic Dog Fence Watering System

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The Nelson Watering System (1200B) ensures your dog has access to fresh clean water at all times. A dog, like a person, can't go long without water and your dog's thirst patterns change based on the season, temperature, and feeding. An automatic waterer is the best way to make sure your dog has water at all times no matter what your schedule is. 

The Nelson Waterer is made of stainless steel, so unlike plastic waterers it's pretty much indestructible. The waterer mounts on a wall or kennel pole and attaches to a nearby faucet to provide constant fresh water. The faucet adapter can be mounted on either side of the waterer. As your dog drinks down the water, the float drops and activates the refill. This keeps the water not only plentiful but also fresh. The float, valve and assembly is protected by a stainless steel panel so your dog never touches it. The drinking bowl is easily removable for quick cleaning. 

The Waterer comes with a 12" hose but a standard garden hose can be used if you need a longer connection. If your dog chews the hose you can replace it with a metal washing machine hose and female to make adapter. 

Exterior dimensions: 10"L x 8"W x 4"H
Reservoir space: 6"L x 7"W x 4"H

  • Chewproof stainless steel 
  • Mounts on walls, posts, or fencing
  • Automatically refills as dog drinks the water down
  • Completely rustproof
  • Easy cleaning

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Fantastic / Excellent Investment
The Nelson Dog Waterer's quality is evident in the construction and design of this unit. The multiple mounting options should fit everyone's needs and will withstand the environmental conditions for many, many years. The automatic waterer assures my Lab has access to essential water whenever he desires... and in the heat of Texas a hard working dog can and should consume lots of water to remain hydrated and healthy. Knowing he has access to clean water anytime of the day or night reassure me I'm doing everything I can for my dog since he works so tirelessly for me in the field. With the convenience offered by this unit, there also comes a responsibility to make sure you clean and maintain it to assure the constant supply of clean water to your canine. Maintenance is minimal, just a visual inspection each time you clean out the environmental debris which accumulates from normal use. Review by Robert Dooley (Posted on 9/4/2013)
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