Should I Add A Wireless Barrier?

Wireless Barrier ZonesWireless barrier zones are a convenient way to keep your dog out of certain areas of the home or yard without using baby gates or fences. Wireless barrier zones work like a mini wireless dog fence and are available for both indoors and outside for certain compatible dog fence systems.

Indoor Barrier Zones are small disc-shaped modules that emit an adjustable circular wireless signal that communicates with your dog's fence system collar. By placing the module near a door, by the trashcan, or under a couch cushion you can keep your dog away from these areas using the same principle and collar as the dog fence system.

Outdoor Barrier Zones are cleverly disguised as garden rocks and can be used in wireless or wired mode depending on the size of the exclusion zone you'd like to create. Just like the indoor barriers, these modules make it possible to create small exclusion zones in your yard to keep your dogs out of the pool, garden, flower bed, compost, etc.