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Waterproof Wire Splices

Waterproof wire splices are an essential piece of hardware when installing your in-ground electric dog fence. Most, if not all, in-ground pet fence installations will require splicing sections of wire together. In order to safely and effectively splice wires for burial you'll need the help of a waterproof wire splice connector. These durable plastic containers encapsulate the splice in a waterproof gel keeping them safe from any penetrating ground water that can cause corrosion or rust leading to wire breaks.

  • Although dog fence system kits come with a couple of waterproof wire connectors, you'll more than likely need more than what has been included with the kit. When planning your layout you'll need to take note of how many splice connections you'll be making and ensure that your kit includes at least that many waterproof wire connectors. 

    Waterproof wire connectors are available individually allowing you to purchase only as many as you need to complete your wiring job. 

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