Will A Dog Fence Work For You?

Is An Electric Dog Fence Right For You?

When properly installed and with appropriate training, electric dog fences have a very high success rate (upwards of 90%). The biggest factor in the success of your fence is complete and proper training.

Consider the following questions to decide if an electric dog fence is right for you and your pet.

Are you willing to spend about 15 minutes a day for at least 1 week training your dog?

To ensure the success of your fence, you’ll need to make sure your dog understands how it works. Three 15-minute sessions each day for two weeks is usually sufficient to properly train your dog.

Is your yard at least 15ft x 15ft?

In order for your fence to function and leave enough space for your dog to safely move around within the boundary you’ll need a yard that has a minimum size of 15’x15’.

Do you have a power source nearby?

Electric dog fences need a power source. The power source can be in a nearby home, garage, shed, barn, or right outside. If you have no accessible power source you will not be able to install an electric dog fence.

Is your dog aggressive towards people or other animals?

Electric fences are not a safe means of containment for dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviors toward people or other animals. Mounting the electric dog fence on a traditional fence and using them together is a safer way of containing dogs with aggressive behavior.

Is your dog infirm or pregnant?

Electric fences are not well suited for pregnant or unhealthy dogs. If your dog is pregnant, wait until she has had and cared for her puppies to introduce her to the new fence. If your dog is temporarily ill or injured you should wait until he is completely healthy again before beginning to train him. Speak to your vet about using an electric dog fence with chronically ill or very elderly dogs.

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