Why In The World Would Pet Rentals Appeal To People? Find Out Now

When the idea first showed up several years ago, many people were shocked. They saw that a dog “pet rental” was possible and they could not imagine why anyone would want this. It sounded awful to them and they reacted loudly as people often do when it comes to an emotional subject such as dogs or cats. However, for those who have owned pets for a while, it is obvious that renting could be a very good solution for a lot of people. Before we jump to any conclusions, though, it would be a good idea for us to take a closer look at this situation and find out what pet rentals are all about. You might just find that they offer some unexpected strong points worth considering.

What Exactly Are Pet Rentals and How Do They Work?

As the name implies, companies who offer this service are doing is renting out pets to customers that would like to spend some time with a pet. The people will typically pay by hour or per day in order to be able to have a dog, cat or other type of animal around to enjoy. There is nothing inherently sinister about this and it is not about renting a baby animal and then tossing it aside once someone is tired of it. Instead, this type of service is about placing animals where they will get the most love and affection. Many of the dogs that companies like this rent are therapy dogs and part of what they do is act as emotionally reassuring presences in places where people can benefit from being able to pet a dog. This is still a relatively new business concept and it is one that has seen no small amount of controversy since it first arrived.

Are Pet Rentals a Mean Thing to Do to the Animals Being Rented?

In short, the answer is no because what pets need more than anything else is proper care and affection. There are many homes in which this is not provided, or even can not be provided, today. While these individuals may love and cherish the pet they have, if they are unable to give it a quality of life they believe it deserves then that may mean that they are forced to give it away and this makes for one more pet that is in an animal shelter awaiting a home. With “pet rentals”, a person can have a pet around during the time when they can be there caring for it and enjoying its attention, too, but once they have to travel or do something else that requires them to go about life without their pet, they can return it to the place they rented it from where it will continue getting top quality care. In the best interest of the pet, this is a great idea and makes sure they get the best of everything. While their situation may change, most social animals will choose affection over territorial concerns when given the choice. After all, pets want to be where people are.

Why Do Don’t People Just Adopt a Pet Instead of Choosing to Rent One?

As you might imagine, a lot of people who rent a pet would far rather own one, but that is just not reality for many people today. Some people have busy families and the dog or cat would end up getting neglected. Other people have schedules that cause them to travel cross country and since they fly, they do not want to have to force a dog to fly in the cargo area. There are many reasons that pet rentals work for people and the good thing is, this is a solution that means a dog is always there for someone who would like to play with it. This also means people do not buy or adopt puppies that they later grow to despise because they could not possibly have spent enough time training them.

What is the Future of Pet Rentals in the United States?

In the US, this idea is still very controversial because people somehow believe that it is bad for the animals even though it is not. As far as the dog or cat is concerned, they live with the company yet get to go explore the world with a number of people which is great for them. Most likely, “pet rentals” will still be a while away in many locations as people grow use to the idea. This is how most new sectors of the economy start out.