Why go pro?

Did you know there's a huge difference between factory systems and our pro-grade DIY systems?

Perimeter Pro

Do you like any of the following?

1. An Extended 3 Year Warranty!

This extends the manufacture warranty by 2 extra years!

2. Upgraded 14 Gauge Twisted and Boundary - 60 Mil Polyethylene Coated Wire!

This will hold up to even the harshest conditions!

Wire is usually the weakest link and we eliminate that problem by giving it an exceptional coating and using high-grade wire.

See for yourself!

20 Gauge vs 14 Gauge

14 Gauge spool on the left - 20 Gauge on the right.

3.A Panamax Surge Suppressor!

Power and electrical problems can strike hard and fast.

These have proven to protect your transmitter from damage time and time again.

Surge Protector

4. Live chat and Phone support - 7 Days a week!

Have a question? Have a problem? Give us a call and we'll be here to help!

5. Dog fence staples, High quality Splices

Our high quality staples will make sure your installation stays in the ground right.

Our pro splices are especially made for outdoor usage and will block any kind of corrosion or damage.


These pro-grade systems are just right for you!

We take pride in these systems and have put them together using only the best components.

One of our Expert Techs can help put together a package for almost any scenario.

Let us know how we can help you!

Check out all the available packages here!

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Perimeter Ultimate Pro-Grade  PetSafe Elite Little Dog Stubborn Dog Pro System
Perimeter Pro Elite Little Dog Stubborn Dog