How To Use Twisted Dog Fence Wire

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How To Use Twisted Wire

Twisted wire is basically just two wires twisted together. The twisting cancels out the signal on your invisible electric dog fence allowing a safe area for your pet to cross without being corrected. The main use for twisted wire is to carry the signal from the transmitter out to the actual boundary loop. Twisted wire can also be used to connect separate loops if using a multi-loop setup.

If the run from your transmitter is less than 20 feet then twisting the wire yourself is simple enough. Just attach one end of the wire to a stationary object like a door handle and the other end to a drill and twist away. There should be at least 12 twists per foot. Anything over 20 feet can get messy and have you ending up with a jumbled mess of wire. We offer twisted wire in 50 and 100 foot spools and different gauges to match up perfectly with your setup.