Do I Need Twisted Wire?

Additional Twisted WireDepending on the dog fence kit you've chosen, you may need additional twisted wire. Almost all dog fence layouts require some amount of twisted wire. Twisted wire is neutral, therefore allowing your dog to cross it without receiving a correction. Twisted wire is most often used to connect the transmitter box to the boundary loop, but can also be used to connect 'lake loops' (off-limits areas within your main boundary loop) to the main wire.

All of our signature PRO-Grade Kits come with a 50 ft. spool of professional grade pre-twisted wire. If you need more, it is available in 50 ft. or 100 ft. spools. Most regular (non-PRO) kits do not include any twisted wire. For these kits you can add factory grade twisted wire by the 100 ft. spool or you can upgrade your wire and add upgraded twisted wire as well by either the 50 ft. or 100 ft. spool. 

For more information on the function of twisted wire see our information section on Twisted Wire.