Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform


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Give your turtle an ingenious place to rest.  The Reptology Turtle Topper allows you to fill your turtle’s tank almost to the top.  Your turtle can swim the entire tank and bask on the Turtle Topper.  Due to the deeper water in your tank, you can now use any type of filter you choose, including those that wouldn’t function in lower water levels normally maintained in turtle tanks.

The unique design of the Turtle Topper (its weight is supported by the top of the tank), allows larger and multiple turtles to sit without sinking.  Unique underwater basking platform allows your turtle a place to rest and get air without having to swim to the surface. 

The Turtle Topper fits most rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons.  Includes 2 mounting rims for clamp lamps and 6.75 inches wide ramp opening. 

Dimensions: 17”x14”x10”


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