Step 4: Allowing The Dog Off Leash

The Goal

The goal in the final step in the training process is to be able to remove the leash and let the dog safely experience his new-found freedom! By gradually increasing the closely supervised off-leash time we can move to the end goal of fully unsupervised off leash yard time.


The Setup 

Fit The Collar With Correction Setting On 

Activate the collar with the appropriate correction level set and place the collar on the dog inside the house or safe zone.

Playtime & Training

Take your dog out into the containment zone and remove the leash. Play with your dog inside the containment zone for a few minutes then busy yourself with something else and allow your dog to roam for a few minutes. Praise your dog for staying inside the boundary zone, reattach the leash and end the session. Keep these sessions short and frequent at first gradually increasing the length of time you let your dog spend without his leash. As you increase the length of time you allow your pet to roam add short periods where you go back inside and watch your dog through a window.

If at any time your dog breaks through the boundary you’ll need to go back to Step 2 and work back up through steps 2 -4 until your dog again demonstrates consistent respect for the boundary. Be patient and stay positive. Some dogs get there really quickly and others take more time but with positivity, patience, and consistency all dogs will eventually understand!

Once your dog has demonstrated consistent and complete containment for one month, you can begin working with your dog on crossing the boundary at your command and removing the training flags.