I recently had the opportunity to bring a new member to our family, an adorable Miniature Collie named Madison! She is so precious! Well I live in a 55+ community and because she is just a puppy I wanted to make sure she wasn't tormenting the other residents of our neighborhood. Long story short I called Flexpetz.com and they were more then helpful with helping me find the perfect wireless fence for Madison. Thanks again for being so helpful!

Carmela M. - Port St. Lucie, Florida

My husband and I purchased one of your fence systems back in 2009 and let me tell you it's been on ever since we first set it up! This has been one of the easiest solution for us to watch over our 2 rambunctious German shepherds.

Francis M - Hamilton Square, NJ

I found your site after getting an estimate from the Invisible Fence Company. They gave me a price of around $2500 to install a system on my 1 acre property for my two dogs. While stunned by the price I feared installing it myself and worried about the training in particular. I began searching on line for do it yourself kits and came upon your website. The Flexpetz staff was very helpful and provided excellent follow up and support I was very impressed with the entire process, needless to say we installed the system ourselves and saved $2000.00

Sincerly, Jamie & Karen Kracht....and Wookie & Fer

Very Happy with the Fence system I bought at Flexpetz. After talking to several pet sites who seemed to know almost nothing about their product, I chose Flexpetz.com and the Innotek 5100 because of its rechargeable collars and remote training feature. Couldn't be more happy with my choice. Have had the fence up for over a year for my boxer and it works flawlessly. The remote is almost as good as the fence and I have broken my dog of many bad habits like jumping up on the counter and stealing food.

Great job guys!

Todd Frankinson - Dover, Delware

I have two 9 months old dogs. One is a miniature Aussie Shepherd about 20 lbs and the other is a golden retriever. I need to block off my formal dinning room and i am currently using baby gates but I don't like the look of all the gates. I also need to get them off my sofas and patio furniture. In addition there are different areas in the yard that they are digging up the sprinklers and I need to get them to stop. And Lastly, My little dogs barks non stop when there is another dog around and I need to teach him not to that. I needed to know what products you suggest so I know that I am purchasing the right items and how to use them. Once I was able to make my order I couldn't be more happier with the customer service. Thank You FlexPetz!

Jamie K - Jupiter, Florida

Wow what great service, I love it! The service was excellent. I am really satisfied with my Rechargeable In-Ground Fence. Thank You!

Connie G - Brooklyn, NYC

After installation it was easy to train my dog. The kids had fun helping with this and the fence has worked great since. I called back up one more time to give my thanks to the staff and how wonderful, but I felt like that wasn't enough for how much they put up with me. I am very thankful to find such wonderful customer service. You just don't find much of that anymore. I am very pleased with my overall experience and happy with the support they put behind their products and services.

Veronica Dominster - Pt. Charlotte, VA

I bought the PetSafe in ground professional system about three months ago from Flexpetz.com and my dog ran through the fence many times to the point where I was very frustrated. I called the company and they worked with me on the issue at hand. I returned only the transmitter and collar and they sent me the stubborn dog transmitter and collar. I am very happy with the switch and it is exactly the change I needed. I felt very well taken care of and this made this whole ordeal so much easier.

James Drenkins - Omaha, NE