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Perhaps you already have installed a PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence that covers one area of your yard and you are in need of another transmitter for a separate location. You also may be looking to purchase an additional transmitter to increase the size of your containment area.

This transmitter matches the Stubborn Dog Fence Model PIG00-10777. This transmitter is designed specifically to activate the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Collar. Some dogs have a high tolerance for stimulation, particularly guardian breeds. The Stubborn Dog collar delivers stronger corrections than the rest, making it a great solution for dogs such as these.

Great news if you have another dog that doesn’t require the stronger corrections given by the Stubborn Dog Collar. The Stubborn Dog Fence Transmitter is compatible with any of the PetSafe® collars, with the exception of the YardMax and UltraSmart series.

What does this mean for you? For example, if you have a very small dog, you could purchase the Elite Little Dog Collar and it would function properly with the Stubborn Dog transmitter. Your dog wouldn’t receive the stronger corrections, because the corrections are administered by the collar itself, and not the transmitter.

This transmitter successfully contains your dogs within up to 10 acres of land. The transmitter is the same one that is included in the PetSafe Basic System (PIG00-13661). With this transmitter, you are able to adjust the width of the boundary. This feature lets you choose how close to the wire your dog can get before receiving a correction. The higher you set the boundary, the less likely it becomes that your dog will escape. Select a boundary that is between 0 and 10 feet.

Should you have a break anywhere in your boundary wire, the boundary alarm on the transmitter will let you know about it. Trust the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Transmitter to successfully contain your dogs.


PetSafe Stubborn Dog Transmitter Features

Compatible With Other Collars:
 The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Transmitter is compatible with many PetSafe Dog Fence Receiver Collars, so this is a suitable system for a multidog household.
See the Specs section for list of collar receivers that are compatible with this transmitter.

10 Acre Capacity: The PetSafe Stubborn Dog fence includes the PetSafe Basic Transmitter, the same one that is included in the PetSafe Basic System (PIG00-13661). The transmitter can handle up to 10 acres.

Adjustable Boundary Width: The reliable and simple transmitter allows you to adjust the width of the boundary zone between 0 and 10 ft. The larger the boundary zone, theless likely your dog is to cross it and break out. While most dogs are fine with a boundary zone of 3-5 ft., it's nice to have the option to increase it during training or for those dogs that are perticularly driven to escape.

Boundary Alarm: The boundary alarm sounds when you have a wire break anywhere in your fence. A steady green light confirms that the boundary is operational. 

Lacks Battery Backup: Although this basic transmitter is easy to use and reliable, it does not include battery backup. This is generally not an issue for most dog fence users but for those who live in areas with frequent power outages you may want to look into a system like the BLUEFANG® system that does have an optional battery backup available for the transmitter. 



  • Transmitter for Stubborn Dog Fence Model PIG00-10777
  • Includes Transmitter and AC Power Supply
  • Works with ALL PetSafe Brand Dog Fence Collars except YardMax and UltraSmart Series


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