PetSafe Indoor Pet Barrier & Collar Set (X-Large & Stubborn Dogs)

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The PetSafe Indoor Stubborn Dog Fence is specifically designed for very large or difficult to train breeds. Do you have a dog who is wreaking havoc in your home? Knocking down trash cans?  Eating the kitty litter? Stealing another pet's food? Bolting out the front door everytime you open it? Lounging around on your expensive furniture? This product will solve those problems immediately. Restrict your dog's access to any area in your home using an indoor avoidance fence system. The stubborn dog indoor fence is a wireless unit with an adjustable signal field from 2-10 feet. Simply place the frisbee-sized disc near the area you want your dog to avoid, adjust the range, and fit the receiver collar to your pet. When your dog approaches the off-limits area he'll hear a warning tone followed by a static correction. As he learns to associate the tone and correction to the off-limits area, he'll avoid it altogether. Problem solved! 

You can customize the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence System for multi-pet households with additional compatible collars appropriate for small or medium dogs or cats. The instant indoor wireless fence works with as many collars as you need to keep all of your pets on their best behavior. 



  • 5 lbs & Up and Under 40" Tall
  • Fits Neck Sizes 6 - 28"
  • Add An Unlimited Number of Pets With Additional Collars
  • Add Unlimited Additional Mini Barrier Units To Create Multiple Zones
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Progressive Static Correction
  • Includes Power Adapter
  • Collar Uses 9V Batteries (included)
  • Waterproof Transmitter & Receiver Collar



  • Limited 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Great For Very Large Or Stubborn Breeds
  • Compatible With Other PetSafe Brand Receiver Collars
  • Add Any Number Of Dogs or Cats
  • Adjustable Correction Levels
  • Adjustable Signal Field (1-20 ft.)
  • Requires Power Outlet 
  • Compact & Portable Unit

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Customer Reviews (4)
Saved my dog from going to the pound!
My husband hates the dog going into the baby's room and was about to give my dog away or bring it to the pound. I was not happy about this and I decided to invest in this little system. Because of this, my husband retracted his thret and the dog has not even tested going near the door since the first shock. I can hear the tone when he goes to walk around the door to the room and it makes him move faster out of the way to avoid the shock. We do not like closing the door to the baby's room so this had to work, and it followed through and both my husband and I are on the same page now. He however is beginning to request one for the kitchen, I honestly think he is trying to find out how far I would go to keep my dog.

Kristen F
Stockton, CA
Review by Kristen Farrel (Posted on 4/28/2015)
stopped the bad behavior
I own a very stubborn pit bull and it has been a nightmare keeping him out of the garbage and off the couches when we aren't home. I bought and additional transmitter so I could cover the kitchen and the living room. This collar is strong enough to deter my monster. No more trash all over the floor or stolen food off the counters. No more damage to the furniture. I can't say enough about how fast it worked. Review by Melody V. (Posted on 5/5/2013)
Works great for my terriers
I have two Jack Russel terriers who continuously went into rooms they where no supposed to. I recently installed 3 of these units in the restricted rooms they have worked perfectly at restricting my dogs use of off limits rooms, I am very pleased. Review by Janette (Posted on 1/16/2013)
“ While My dog is family, sometimes keeping up with him can be a pain. He’s not like a child that I can tell stay off of the couch or out of the bathroom and expect him to listen!. But sometime I can swear that he knows what im saying and just wont listen. So instead of yelling at him to listen I contacted Flex Pets and got their stubborn dog indoor system. It work very well I can adjust it radius to cover more or less area depending on the room. So no more late night toilet sips, or mid day trash dips. Just a clean and clear understanding between me and him. This has changed the way my house looks, feels, and smells.!”
Grace Chaplain, New York, NY
Review by Grace (Posted on 9/15/2012)
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