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Large Dogs (50-100 lbs)

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There are dogs and there are DOGS. Large dogs are DOGS; they are the second largest after the X-large dogs. If your dog is between 50 and 100 lbs, it falls under the category of large dogs. Large dogs need big dog things. If your pet is large, you will find all of our large dog appropriate products in this category. Here, you can browse electric dog fences, bark control collars, remote training collars, and dog doors specifically designed for large dogs.

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Comment / Questions about Large Dogs (50-100 lbs)

Robert Kida
May 29, 2015

Looking for an in ground wired system for large breed with remote trainer. We have a 9 month Chocolate Lab that 75lbs. and will likely be 90lbs. as an adult. He can also be stubborn and has barked through his bark correction collar. I really don't want to buying 2 separate devices but want the flexibility of taking him to the park and being able to use the remote trainer. Please advise. Thank you.


I understand labs can be a very independent and curious breed but it is good you are wanting to start training him on a wired fence system so early. Unfortunately the couple combination fence and remote trainer we used to carry have been discontinued. We recommend using two different systems since getting the same stimulation for getting too close to the boundary as when giving your dog a command can be a bit confusing. Since yours will be a big enough dog you can always put two receivers on the same collar. I have included a couple links below to a fence system and remote trainer that I think will work well for you.

Fence system: https://www.flexpetz.com/petsafe-stubborn-dog-fence-pig-00-10777.html

Remote Trainer: https://www.flexpetz.com/petsafe-elite-big-dog-remote-trainer-pdt00-13625.html 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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