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Overview PetSafe Stubborn Dog PIG00-10777 PRO-Grade ManualProduct Manual
The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Kit is a good choice for dogs with low pain sensitivity as well as very large breeds (over 100 lbs.). The name (Stubborn) is somewhat misleading as the fence is not geared towards a dog that has a stubborn personality so much as breeds that have been bred to have a low sensitivity to pain. This fence jacks up the strength of the correction by 50% over the average dog fence system, making it a good option for those of us with dogs in the guardian and fighting breeds like German Shepherds, Akitas, or Pitt Bulls. The system is powerful and needs to be used prudently to avoid over-correction. This system is a great option for households with dogs of differing size and/or breed as it is cross compatible with other PetSafe collars. Our upgraded PRO-Grade package improves the performance and lifespan of your electric dog fence by including professional grade wire, surge protection, lawn staples, and an extended warranty.

Kit Includes
  • PRO-Grade 14-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade 16-Gauge Twisted Wire (50 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade Surge Protection Module
  • PRO-Grade Dog Fence Staples (10)
  • PetSafe 10 Acre Transmitter
  • Stubborn Dog Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 50 Training Boundary Flags
  • Standard Receiver Contacts
  • Test Light Tool/Contact Wrench
  • 9 Volt Collar Battery
  • Installation/Training Manual

Collar Features

Strongest Available Correction: The PetSafe Stubborn Dog collar offers 50% stronger corrections than standard collars because it is specifically designed for guardian breeds with high pain tolerance or dogs over 100 lbs. This increased correction is too much for smaller or more sensitive dogs and must be used with care to avoid over-correction. 

Compatible With PetSafe Indoor Zones: The Stubborn Dog collar included in this kit is compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence (PIRF-100), which allows you to create dog-free areas inside your home using the same boundary system and collar as your Stubborn Dog Fence. These exclusion zones are most frequently used to restrict your pet's access to certain areas of the house or keep them off of furniture. 

5 Individually Adjustable Correction Levels: The Stubborn Dog collars allow you to set the correction level for each collar on the system independently. This makes the system suitable for multidog households where each dog has different correction strength needs. Even the lowest correction levels on the Stubborn Dog collar are quite strong and not recommended for smaller dogs or any dog with higher sensitivity to stimulation. Over-correction can overwhelm the dog and undermine the training process. 

Disposable Battery: This collar uses a standard 9-volt battery. Although most people generally prefer a rechargeable battery, a generic 9V is easy to get your hands. This battery has a lifespan of 3-4 months.

Large, Bulky Collar: The Stubborn Dog collar is about the largest collar on the market, and one of the heaviest too. Even without the stronger correction levels, it still wouldn't be suitable for dogs under 20 lbs. 

Transmitter Features

Compatible With Other Collars:
 The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Transmitter is compatible with other PetSafe Dog Fence Receiver Collars, so this is a suitable system for a multidog household where only one dog needs the Stubborn Dog collar. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog and PetSafe Deluxe UltraLight receiver collars are also fully compatible with the Stubborn Dog system. 

10 Acre Capacity: The PetSafe Stubborn Dog fence includes the PetSafe Basic Transmitter, the same one that is included in the PetSafe Basic System (PIG00-13661). The transmitter can handle up to 10 acres.

Adjustable Boundary Width: The reliable and simple transmitter allows you to adjust the width of the boundary zone between 0 and 10 ft. The larger the boundary zone, the less likely your dog is to cross it and break out. While most dogs are fine with a boundary zone of 3-5 ft., it's nice to have the option to increase it during training or for those dogs that are particularly driven to escape.

Boundary Alarm: The boundary alarm sounds when you have a wire break anywhere in your fence. A steady green light confirms that the boundary is operational. 

Lacks Battery Backup: Although this basic transmitter is easy to use and reliable, it does not include battery backup. This is generally not an issue for most dog fence users but for those who live in areas with frequent power outages you may want to look into an aftermarket battery backup device.

PRO-Grade Upgrades


1000 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire: Our Pro-Grade Kits include upgraded 14-gauge PRO-Grade wire. This heavy duty, polyelethene plastic coated wire is what would come with a professionally installed system like Invisible Fence®. Upgrading to thicker, more durable wire helps prevent costly and time-consuming wire breaks. 

50 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Twisted Wire: Although you could use two double long strands of wire to make your own twisted wire, this gets pretty messy and difficult if you need any decent length of it. Our PRO-Grade DIY dog fence kits save you the hassle by including 50 ft. of heavy duty pro-grade twisted neutral dog fence wire. 

10 Heavy Duty Ground Staples: Ground staples are perfect for laying out your dog fence wire or for installations that run through terrain where burying the wire is difficult or impossible. Our heavy duty ground staples are guaranteed to keep your dog fence wire in place.


External Surge Protection: External surge protection is the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Rather than let a rogue power surge blow your transmitter, simply plug in our heavy duty PRO-Grade surge protection module. This surge protector keeps your dog fence safe from lightening strikes and main power surges.  






  • For Dogs 50 lbs and Up & Low Pain Sensitivity
  • 10 Acre Capacity
  • 50% Stronger Corrections
  • Add Any Number Of Compatible PetSafe Collars 
  • Compatible With PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence


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Customer Reviews (33)
Good quality
Great quality fence, a little pricey but definitely a huge difference in comparisons to the standard kits, I also priced all the individual components separately and it was definitely about 20 percent cheaper in this package. Review by Shamita (Posted on 10/15/2013)
Great System
I bought the heavy duty version of the stubborn dog fence, because of the general horror stories I had heard about breaks in the wire expensive service calls from a professional, and just my general need to overkill projects with the best material possible. i really hate redoing projects and usually spend a more just to avoid or procrastinate doing something over again. The kit is was definitely heavy duty, the manufacturers wire was actually packaged with the kits and the heavy duty roll flexpetz sent me was a huge difference in quality so I can definitely tell this will last much longer. I have had it installed for about a month now and my dogs picked it up extremely quick, it really only took about one zap for them to learn to stay away from it. Great job, thanks guys.

Rome, NY.
Review by Rick Pazona (Posted on 6/30/2013)
keeps pets safe and out of trouble
I love this product. It has become the perfect answer to putting up fence to keep my dogs in. Which can halter the exercise and room my pets need as well as hinder my room and create barriers that get in the way with a general normal fence. I love this. No ugly fence, in the way and my animals are safe and do not have to worry about them getting into the busy road in front of my house. Thank you for this wonderful product. It has saved my pets from getting into trouble and keeps them safe and sound. This product is great quality and excellent price as opposed for the real fence, this was 1/5 the price I was quoted!! ,. The collars are comfortable and fit well, on my dogs. I highly recommend!!!!!

Loni and Family
Bloomfield, Nj
Review by LoniLee1967 (Posted on 6/28/2013)
It Does Exactly What I Wanted
I own a rambunctious German Shepard who loves to run around our yard. But sometimes he gets too caught up in the moment and runs wild. So I got this kit hoping it would keep him in line and not go far off. Boy was I right he learned right quick to not go outside the yard and he didn't get hurt learning like some other kits I looked at.
As for the fence itself, it was easy to install, it's made out of durable material that's still lasted up till now (9 nine months including last winter). So it's worth the price I paid. Which by the way was a lot cheaper than some "professional systems" I looked into. Anyways, Flash is trained all up now and knows not to go out anymore. Its a good buy in my opinion.

Antimony, UT.
Review by Ganglion2 (Posted on 1/18/2013)
Satisfied Customer
I purchased this system for my 2 Labradors who love digging holes, especially under the fence to visit with the other dogs in the neighborhood. After I got a complaint from our next door neighbor because my dogs were chasing her cat I began researching solutions and found this product. I decided to purchase this system and install it myself to save some money as opposed to the high cost of other similar systems that their "professionals" come and install for you. It was surprisingly very easy to install, glad I didn't decide to pay the labor fees. After a couple shocks the first day they got the point and my problem was solved. The collar is a bit large and I wouldn't use it on a smaller dog but for the labs its fine, the nylon on the collar was a bit cheap in my opinion, so I actually bought a sturdier one that seems to be holding up much better, the wire that came with the kit is certainly sturdy and much heavier duty than some of the ones I looked at at Home Depot and Lowe's. Minor complaints really the big thing is i saved almost a thousand dollars, and everything as to date works flawlessly. All in all great product been 3 months now and we are very happy.

Michelle Werner
Avon, NJ
Review by shelle (Posted on 6/16/2012)
Wonderful product
I have 2 pets at home, both of them are so naughty that they keep me on toes every second. My husband always complained to me for not attending him often because I always keep myself at my pets. Last month was my birthday and my husband gifted me with PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade. Its really awesome, now I can attend my husband and take care of my pets too. My love to my pets is more now with PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade. Quality and price are reasonable and I seriously recommend everyone. My two crazy Labs also recommend it, it literaly took one shock and they learned to stay back from the line, I was skeptical at first but am definitely now a believer. Also loving the indoor system! No more jumping on the counters.

Thanks guys
Albright, WV.
Review by kkvg (Posted on 3/16/2012)
Great Product for Keeping Doggy in the Yard
Even though we live in rural KY and off of a busy road, the drivers we do have around here think they are Mario Andretti. Our Hugo had been nipped once, taken to the vet and given a clean bill or health. Our vet suggested fencing in the yard with fencing but our HMO does not allow fencing around our properties. So, we began an online search. We found PetSafe and we gave them a call. Within three days they were out to our property, inspecting it, seeing what needed to be done. They gave us an estimate 1/5 the cost of other competitors for the exact same work. So, we asked when they could do it. They were able to do it within 24 hours. Hugo did take awhile to get used to it. But, with a collar that was rechargeable, it was not expensive at all to keep up. We take his collar off of him routinely and he still not not venture out of the yard, but for the majority of the day it's on him because I don't want him to get any wild ideas. So, my family loves the PetSafe fence. Hugo is safe and secure and there is no worry about the HMO's coming down on us for an ugly fence roaming our property. We will have Hugo for a very long time because of PetSafe, and he is part of our family. So, having this fence was not an option. The only minor complain I have is that the nylon collar that holds the receiver on is cheap (amazed they make such a great product but cheap out on something so minor) Easy enough fix though we punched some holes in a heavier duty nylon...and problem solved.

We are very happy with them. EXTREMELY HAPPY!!

Also Kudos to Flexpetz you guys where great, thanks Brian Moss, appreciate all the training advice you gave me, I know I was a real pain.

Barbourmeade, KY
Review by Mary E (Posted on 10/2/2011)
I purchased this product after a friend recommended to me. The materials are of a high quality. The kit itself was heavy duty which was what i was looking for. I own 2 German Shepard's and after easily installing the product both my dogs soon realized not to mess around the wire again. I have spent more money in the past on inferior products but never again after this. I'm very happy and have recommended to friends and family the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade. Thank you for making a wonderful product. Review by SteMaccaRed (Posted on 12/2/2010)
Worth every dollar!
Thanks to purchasing this dog fence my dog has the ability roam around and feel like the king of his territory. You get what you pay for with this and I am very glad I took the time to invest in this product! You will not regret making this purchase! You have to keep in mind the size of your yard, unfortunately I didn't and I had to send it back and re-order a new one. Thankfully these people are great when it comes to customer service and help you all the way through! These things are very durable, I've had mine for a year, and I have an All-American pit bull, he's fallen in love with it just as much as I have, it gives him the freedom he wants while making sure he doesn't go anywhere he's not supposed to be thanks alot Flexpetz.

Alexandria, nj
Review by Roger Worth (Posted on 10/10/2010)
Gret for big energetic dogs!
A few years back we got a boxer puppy, who ended up digging holes all over the yard when she was attached to her chain, so we looked into an invisible fence. Unfortunately we could not afford the $1,300+ price tag of the "professional" companies that come out and install, so I started researching some DIY brands. I found this Pet Safe fence and liked the price tag MUCH better! We purchased it and installed it all the way around our home, which gave our boxer about 3 acres to run - and ended her digging days! This fence has a very generous radius - plenty for big dogs with lots of energy! I do find that I have to replace the battery in the collar a couple of times a year, but its worth it! The line has held up well and seems to be good quality. Our dog is happy, and so are we! Review by captcha (Posted on 9/14/2010)
Overall Amazing Product
I purchased this fence last month and I honestly couldn't be happier. I have three dogs that hated staying inside my yard. They would always dig out and I would have to chase them around the neighborhood. My neighbors were starting to complain about them getting into their garbage and what not, so I decided it was time to make a change. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade has been a life saver! The quality of all the equipment is amazing and truly professional grade. My dogs have only gotten out once since I installed it and that was the night I turned it off, go figure! The price is great for the equipment you get. I highly recommend this product, if you are having problems keeping pets inside your fence, you will definitely benefit from PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PRO-Grade!

Yardley, Pa.
Review by M.kultra1972 (Posted on 3/28/2010)
A purchase I wont regret
Being on a low budget I shopped around a bit before finally deciding on this fence. The quality of this fence eased my fears about wasting my money on a fence that ultimately wouldn’t solve the problems I was having.

I'm not the most handy person so I was a little apprehensive about installing this, but I just read the instructions over and before I knew it the fence was up and running.

I have a very active street with lots of children on it and I'm always nervous that my dog (Chuck, a German Shepard) will get out and scare the kids. Even though I have an actual fence, Chuck is a jumper and I was shocked to see that he could easily scale the fence. I was amazed how quickly he learned his boundaries and stuck with them. I was apprehensive about whether or not this would be cruel since I’ve never used any product like this before, but Chuck picked up extremely fast and as only been shocked once. Now I can feel free to leave the gate to my yard open without Chuck becoming the terror of the neighborhood, and also have the peace of mind to know that he will not be endangering himself by running away or into traffic.

Overall great product which is clearly made of superior materials. It has surpassed my expectations, and I would highly recommend it. Additionally although I don’t anticipate using it it’s comfortable to know with the prograde system I have a full 3-year extended warranty.

Beacon Falls, Ct.
Review by RJ (Posted on 2/19/2010)
This has to be one of the best dog fences I have ever purchased. It was not like the previous that wasn't strong enough to keep my dog in the yard, he just ran through it. This one is effective, no running through the field, when he tries to run through this one, he knows something is there. This system uses a 9 volt battery which I like because they are easy to find and you are not dependent on a dealer for batteries.
I think it is a bit pricy however well worth the cost. despite its high cost it was still cheaper than my estimate I had gotten from another company.. Overall a well rounded product and well recommended!
Review by johnkades (Posted on 8/29/2009)

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