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Perhaps you already have laid your wire for your electric dog fence and now you need the right transmitter for your large property. Look no further than the SportDOG® Fence Transmitter. With the ability to contain up to 100 acres, there is no other dog fence transmitter on the market quite like this one.

Another advantage to the SportDOG® transmitter is that it is compatible with so many different collars. You can successfully use all of the following dog fence collars with your SportDOG® transmitter:
• SportDOG® Fence Collar (SDF-R)
• PetSafe® Rechargeable Collar (PIG00-13737)
• PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Collar (PRF-275-19)
• PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Collar (PIG00-10778)
• PetSafe® Deluxe UltraLight Collar (PUL-275)
• PetSafe® Cat Collar (PCF-275-19)

It is particularly advantageous that you can use so many different collars with the SportDOG® transmitter. To explain, let’s say you have a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua. These 2 dogs have very different needs in a dog fence collar. So in this case, you could use a Stubborn Dog collar for your Shepherd and an Elite Little Dog collar for your Chihuahua friend. Choosing a SportDOG® transmitter allows you to use the exact collar that you need for each of your dogs.

Another great feature about the SportDOG® transmitter is that it is able to operate on two different frequencies, which are 7K and 10K. This is particularly helpful if your neighbor also has an electric dog fence. If your dog fence is running on the same frequency as your neighbor’s, the signals may cancel each other out.

The SportDOG® transmitter also includes a terminal to insert a grounding wire. This is helpful because especially on a large rural property, lightning could strike and ruin the transmitter.

Particularly if you have medium to large dogs, the SportDOG® transmitter will help contain your canine friends with the greatest of ease.



  • Transmitter is for the SportDog Dog Fence Model SDF-100 & SDF-100A
  • Includes Transmitter and AC Power Supply


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Customer Reviews (1)
Good Replacement
I wish I did not have to buy this but I did have to because my son knocked the other one off the wall and ran over it while moving the lawnmower and trying to clean out the garage with me. I have to admit this has been a wonderful system and It has lasted way past the Warranty date. I have literally had the other transmitter for years and it never gave me any issues. The only thing I wish was that I could have mounted it to the wall a lot better. Now that I know how it broke off I can better mount this one. I really like how I could purchase just the transmitter and not the whole thing again. Even the collars that came with the system have lasted well and I have had no issues with anything. Before though they did not have a professional wire for it so I did some research and found the wire I could use with the system because I wanted thinker wire. I am very glad to see there are now put together packages to go with the system on this website. I would suggest this brand to everyone and have in the past, but now that I know about this site, I will be sending everyone here so no one needs to do so much searching, and it is all within reasonable price. I live in Florida and my transmitter only took a day and a half to arrive. Great shipping and great speed. It was an easy affordable purchase and will be shopping here again. I know not everything lasts forever but I sure got my moneys worth and I am very happy about that. Well made product subtraction of my son.

Michael B.
Clearwater, Fl
Review by Michael Bettler (Posted on 1/9/2015)
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