SportDOG NoBark 6 Standard Bark Collar


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The SportDOG NoBark 6 is the easiest bark collar to use. This collar requires no programming whatsoever. Simply power it up and place it on your dog. The collar automatically corrects your dogs barking starting on the lowest correction level and increasing one level at a time if your dog continues to bark. The collar automatically resets back to the lowest level when it has not detected any barking in 30 seconds. Like all Sport Dog™ products this bark control collar is made with durability in mind. 

  • No Programming Necessary
  • Adjustable collar from 7-30 Inches
  • 6 Stimulation Levels
  • Waterproof
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Replaceable Strap

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Customer Reviews (1)
Effective and Very Helpful
I have a Dachshund Hunting Dog that barked non stop when we get ready to go out for walks and runs. He gets very excited when he looses focus when he hears the start of the truck. There is no stopping him by command or even when I use the alternative of a small spank, I have been doing before to calm him down. Nothing was really helping the situation. He is a very smart dog and learns quickly in normal circumstances. I really like how helpful this collar has been and I rarely need to use it anymore. The barking has come to a minimum and if he starts up again I just place the collar back on him and he remembers immediately. The only issue I have found with this collar is if my other dog begins to play to rough with him they add dents and chew marks on the battery box. The only wish I had was the outer part of the box was a bit more durable. It has stuck together fine, just looks really banged up and chewed on. Hopefully this review is helpful and thank you very much! Review by Frank Greenburge (Posted on 10/26/2014)
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